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Sick sick sick

I wanted to post about how great it was seeing my mom, or all the exciting things we did while she was here.. or even about my doctor's visit today, but all I can do is sit here like a gargoyle spewing pestilence.
Last night, my nose started running. I thought it was alleriges. Today, I am full blown sick. I feel so weak, and I'm getting hot/cold flashes and fever and general ick. Today happened to be my annual dr's visit for general health stuff, so I had him look at me. Basically, all he said was if it lasts really long, to come back and see him.

I feel way too weak to cook myself anything hot, so I haven't eaten all day. I'm wavering between periods of stomach-rumbling starvation to sick-related nausea. (Probably because of my sinuses draining)
I'm having a hard time convincing myself to stand upright long enough to get anything to eat, so I'm hoping Matt wakes up soon to take care of me. I feel like I'm dying. I haven't been this sick in years.

Being a shut in FTW
Much like the history of isolationism, everything is dandy until you start going out.


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