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Bloody hell ::burp::

Even though I had stayed up until 2 o'clock until it immediately turned back to 1'oclock, and then to 1:45.. and even though I was really worried, I managed to get some good sleep. I wanted to go to Wal-Mart and look for a pencil thin black tie, but I couldn't find one. Then.. I figured I'd get a big black one and shred it and wear it like Kyo does.. but I found a black silk tie that's shimmery (but a little thicker than I'd like) and decided to wear it as-is. I still need a nice leather jacket. I think I may go to the RAVE tomorrow, and see if I can't find a cheapass one that would work with my Kyoplay on tuesday...
Well.. the whole going about and shopping thing happened after some of the more interesting events of the day-- I called my mom and found out that everything at home is all right after all.. which makes me all the more curious about the mystery phone call at 1 somthing AM last night. Maybe it was someone from the residence association trying to catch me living somewhere other than the dorms? If so, my trusty spider sense must have gone off, making me tell her I had the wrong ##... or it could have been somthing else entirely...Oh well.. at least I know everyone that's important to me right now is ok.
I also went to Cathay House (Yummy Yummy local chineese restaurant) and ate at the lunch buffet. These guys are awesome. They only do the buffet once a week (Sunday for lunch) but it's really really good. Yumm


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