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Happy Winter-Celebration-of-your-choosing! :O

Apparently this year it's more trouble than it's worth to say Merry Christmas? I don't care either way. Someone could say happy Chaunakkah or wish me a festive Kwanzaa or whatever, and I wouldn't be offended. We could go with the new age happy solstice stuff too. I totally don't care. If you're celebrating somthing, I hope you are having a good time. If you arn't, you might as well invent somthing to celebrate around this time of year, because everyone's partying without you.

I plan to cook a simple dinner for me& Matt tonight. We don't have anyone over this year, so I didn't put any decorations up. We're spending the holidays quietly together, and it's nice. The day has really lost meaning exponentially to me over the years, so I do some holiday shopping& get it over with. I wouldn't say I'm a scrooge... I don't go out of my way to make someone else miserable or crap on their ideas of a festive holiday. I respect all that crap. I just don't see how today is really any different from any other day :X
I was thinking last year that it would be really nice to have the whole family together for a weekend.. and maybe that's what the holidays mean for some people. But no one can afford to travel right now. And I don't unrealistically hope to see my whole immediate family in one house together for a weekend. That will probably never ever happen again.
I guess a small part of me would love to see everyone together in that crappy little house in Alamo with all of us pigging out on sausages and fudge and baklava and cookies and eating no real food whatsoever for a whole day while Mom& dad hang out and drink champagne, (to be truthful, it would be more like splitting a bottle of somthing-or-other and teasing each other about who got more and who got the last bit) but the time for that was over a decade ago. And with my little brother getting married next month, no one can afford to visit anyone. Matt& I could afford it, but he's got to work tomorrow. We wouldn't be able to go anywhere for the holidays unless we wern't actually there on Christmas because of his work schedule.

Soooooooo.... he's asleep right now, and I'm going to go chill on the couch with a videogame and when he wakes up, I'll cook up some steaks and make... somthing... with potatoes. I haven't really decided yet. I was thinking about cutting some thick steak fries, since he seems to really like it when I make fries from scratch. He also wants cheesey mashed potatoes too. Maybe I should just make a million different things with potatoes for christmas dinner? I think we'd both be ok with it, as ridiculous as it would be :X

Senpu is having a lot of fun dragging Lauren's christmas present all over the house. I think I put a little too much curling ribbon on it, because I'm always finding it someplace new. :X

I hope those of you that are gathering with your families enjoy the holidays, whatever you celebrate. Those of you that can't, I hope you are at least having a good day :P
And those of you who are with your families against your will.... sorry? :O


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