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Dear Loan people:

Oh you bastards, I hate you so much.
Your website really sucks.
You tout online loan management, but if you forget your password, your account is lost to the winds! Good game!
In order to reset my password, I have to call you in Austin and beg for your mercy. Apparently you didn't like my tone of voice, even though I was trying to be very very very polite and not at all sarcastic. I don't understand why I was transferred around and put on hold until they could find someone with voicemail that wasn't around to help me. I mean seriously. I just want to set up monthly automatic bank withdrawls so my cheques arn't always late to you. You stick me with retarded interest anyway. The least you could do is make the financial ass-raping a little less unpleasant. WHY?!?!?!?
My other loan people are so much better than you, but you won't let me consolidate to them.

In summation:
Dear student loan people. Choke of a dick or L2Intarwebz.


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