HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Quick update

There hasn't really been much to post about lately. Christmas shopping hasn't been much fun because it's been so cold+rainy. I can deal with the cold. I love the cold. It's the rainy part that pisses me off. and cold+rainy=less visibility. I'm a very paranoid/cautious driver, and I hate it when I can't see what is going on around me. When I went out last week to do some Christmas shopping, I had to drive with a few windows rolled down so I was comfortable with what I could see around me, and then the cold+rainy got into the car :(

My blouse is pretty much done. I have a little bit of finishing left to do on the collar yet, but I've finally got everything attached together. It fits pretty well and it's hopefully at least a little flattering D: The neck of this pattern gave me so much freaking trouble. I thought it looked straightforward from the pattern, but none of the peices matched up at all. I had a hell of a time trying to get it to work out. In the end, I ghetto rigged it and basted it all together. The inside looks nothing like how the pattern says it should. Perhaps because of this, the collar isn't as big/open as on the pattern, but I think it still looks pretty nice. I just have to clip it a little more and then finish that seam and it's done. I still have enough time to make that ribbed longsleeve jersey top and if I really want to, a coat to wear to the wedding. Wool is pretty expensive, but I've always wanted a nice long black worsted peacoat. I wonder if I should just buy one? I mean, I have a nice leather jacket, and a horribly out-of-fashion but warm, oversized down coat that I can fit multiple sweaters under. But neither are really appropriate for this event. The first would not be warm enough, and the latter is unbeleiveably ugly XD But it's a great coat, so there's no way i'm going to get rid of it.

I'd thought about sewing a more fashionable dress coat, but it seems like a lot of work :X
On the other hand.. I haven't found very many websites that offer affordable women's dress coats. I've found a lot of swanky looking coats for 190-300 dollars, and I think that's very silly.


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