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And for you, there can be no mercy. Eat the bug.

Not much to talk aboot today, as it's Sunday. I got to sleep in.. it was heavenly. I figured that for the sake of saying somthing. (Isnt' that how wars get started?) I'd talk about my showering habits. Why? Because you don't know what I do in the shower, do you? And maybe I'm a freak and don't know it... How do you shower?
Ever since I was little, I've always had a pattern to showering. I usually like to shower in the late afternoon or the evening. The bedsheets just feel better when you're clean. I can't be dirty and sleep in clean sheets, only to shower inthe morning.. So why would I ruin one of life's greatest pleasures* by showering inthe mornings? In any case, I hop in the shower and turn the water on. I know it's going to be cold when I turn it on.. but I still get in anyway.. I guess I'm just weird like that. Then, I have to get my hair wet right away and shampoo it. After that, I stick the conditioner in while I scrub myself clean with soap. Sometimes, there's an extra step where I'll leave in an anti-dandruff shampoo and shave. That's about once a week. Then, I rinse. How exciting. However, after I'm all rinsed off, no matter what.. before I turn the water off, I HAVE to rince my hair again.. even when I know it's rinsed.. hen da yo...
I bet You (and you kno wwho you are :P ) thought I
was going to talk about somthing hentai. Sorry! :P
* Other great pleasures of life include: Kraft's Macaroni& cheese, Toasted bagels with cream cheese, overcast sumemr days with cold wind, and watching my cat play.


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