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I decided to sew some stuff a few days ago when I FINALLY found out what fucking date and city this wedding is in. I mean seriously.. I couldn't get a straight answer out of anyone for the longest time, so I probably didn't get the best deal on airplane tickets. I don't know what you are supposed to wear to a wedding in the middle of Jan up north. I'm assuming it doesn't really matter much, because no one will be able to see you under the mountains of snow.
You'd think for all the cosplaying I've done, I'd have some remote idea of what colors look good on me, but I really don't. I ended up picking a really fabulous purple for this blouse I'm sewing. Hopefully it doesn't look hideous on me. I didn't want to go with a pink because it was really hard for me to find makeup that wouldn't make me look like an embarassed sausage link in my Norn costume. They say people with red undertones look good in pink, wtf? It seems like an epic bad idea to me, and that's just reinforced by all the trouble I had making myself look not-quite-hideous in Norn. (Yes, it's a super cute costume, but that's a LOT of pink) Arshtat was a lot easier to do makeup for. Even though I have a fantastic foundation& powder, it seems like when I try to wear too much pink/red makeup, it just makes my face look flushed. Which may have been why Norn was such a pain. Arshtat does have a pink tinted balm/gloss, but no other pink. And those crackheads at the prescriptives counter were like "YOU NEED BLUSH BLUSH IS GREAT SPEND MONEY ON BLUSH" Uhh.. no?
I don't see why I'd spend all my time trying to even out my complexion and get rid of the pink to go and put more pink on. NOBUENO

My god. My arms are blinding in that photo.

I found this really great sparkly white fabric and I was like "ZOMGZ WINTER SNOW LAWL" But every website anywhere says you're not supposed to wear white at a wedding, which I was kinda bummed out about, because Arshtat ended up looking so nice. And I don't think you can really go wrong with blach either, but apparently you're not supposed to wear that to a day wedding, or it's scandalous! So... I went with this deep royal purple satin taffeta. I looked everywhere, and couldn't think of any costumes I EVER made that were primarily purple, so I couldn't check to see whether it looked good on me or not, but it seemed like a good idea.
And this blouse pattern seems pretty unoffensive, so I picked this out too. I fell in love with some of the evening gown designs on the Vogue page, and since Jo Ann's had a huge sale this weekend, I set out to buy a ton. Unfortunately, Jo Ann's doesn't keep the vogue patterns very well stocked. The drawers were pretty empty, and they only had one copy of this gown pattern I absolutely loved, in a much smaller size. I was thinking about buying the pattern off the website, but it's so much more expensive that way XP And really, for fuck's sake.. where do I go where I need an evening gown? -..- (This one here for the curious. I love the draping)
Unfortunatley, the Vogue patterns are retardedly complicated, so I'm not sure I'd trust myself to drape it from scratch..and I really have no use for an evening gown anyway T..T

That being said, I went ahead and bought two more patterns for cocktail dresses I'll never need/make XD One of them was a jersey/stretch knit two peice pattern with a lot of utility. There were two or three different cuts to the top, two skirt patterns, and a pattern for some slacks. I really liked the shirt, so I bought it thinking it would be fairly simple. It's a stretch knit pattern that calls for an invisible zipper. WTFMATE?
I mean.. it stretches... it's like a glorified T-shirt.
I'm not sure that I even need a zipper with the fabric I chose, but I bought one anyway. I've never seen a knit shirt pattern with so many panels. Once I bite the bullet and make the shirt, I really do think I'll love it. I plan on painting it as well. I bought red ribbed knit, so maybe I'll just be dorky and put a black flammel on it and be all like "FMA LOLZ"
I still need to finish that long fitted coat I was making for myself. I never did finish it because I couldn't find a lining fabric that matched closly enough for the hood not to look stupid when it was down. I might come back to that... some day...

Lately I've just felt like I'm sitting in limbo waiting for somthing to happen. I can't really motivate myself to do anything one way or another. I did manage to cut out that blouse pattern last night, and I was really excited about getting to work on it today, but today I don't really feel like doing crap. It's going to be a really weird top. I really liked the design drawings for it, but it has no shoulder seam! That's so bizzare...
Oh.. and I was thinking that instead of hemming it, I might make a metallic binding and put it around the edges instead, but I'd have to choose between gold and silver. I have gold upholstery satin that would work really well, I think. But silver sounds good too. I'd have to buy fabric for that... But at this point, i'm trying to figure out which would look more flattering.


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