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This month has gone by so fast. It's hard to beleive November is almost over already.

Senpu has started to leave surprises on the carpet. It started as a dingleberry or two on the rug by his litter box. I swear over the course of maybe a year or two it's gone from that to full blown log piles in front of the TV. He's healthy, and his little disgruntled presents look completely normal. I think he just hopes I'll trip over them one day and fall over dead. My cat hates me.

From cat poo to food.. I cooked today. :P
I braved the wilds of HEB yesterday when I realized I didn't have what I needed to make a proper meal today. I settled on a roast chicken with potato/sausage/buttermilk stuffing. I remember dad made it once or twice and I loved it. I remembered specifically that there was italian sausage, chunks of potato, and chopped onion in there. I seemed to vaugly remember him saying somthing about buttermilk. I couldn't find a SINGLE recipie on the internet that combined all those ingredients together, so I sort of winged it. When I got everything assembled, I was still standing there with a small bottle of buttermilk wondering how the hell it was all supposed to work together, so I called Ray. He pretty much said the same thing I was thinking.. which was to squish some of the potatoes and roll all that crap up into a stuffing karamari and shove it in the chicken.

I also whipped up some cheese/garlic biscuits from a mix and heated up a can of corn. Yay, corn. I had adventures in pumpkin pie making, since Matt likes it. I make it every year for him, but I stupidly forgot to hit the store before yesterday, so I had to settle for a pie mix and not a can of pumpkin. It tastes like pie, but not mine. It's still ok, though.

Oh, and I thought it would be a great idea to surround the chicken with baby carrots. They are amazingly savory and tasty now, but mushy as fuck. I was thinking about mashing them up and dissolving them in the leftover chicken stock and making a pot of rice out of it tomorrow.

I also have way more chicken bits than I know what to do with.

Senpu liked the chicken. He liked it so much that after he ate it, he puked it up and tried to eat it again. Thankfully, Matt is around to save us from having to watch the cat be too disgusting. (He did get up on the counter and find the wishbone, though. He was dragging it all over the place when I found him. Tard)

So yay. Cat poo, food, and cat puke. Story of my life :O


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