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Stuff has been exciting lately

But I'm kinda too lazy to post about it.

My little brother came to visit on Sun. I was kinda worried that his car wouldn't make it. The sad story of my brother's car is an ongoing saga. It used to be the family car that my mom would always take us to school in. I remember going to many band practices, etc in highschool in this car. Those were the good times for that poor vehicle. Now it's a ghetto sled. It makes funny noises when you turn. It's been in an accident or two.. it's missing hubcaps. Someone tried to steal the radio but couldn't pry it out, so they stole the face plate. It has a broken window.. the front windshield is cracked pretty impressively, etc. But today we celebrated, because it passed inspection! The previous inspection sticker expired at least 4 years ago. It was green, and actually kinda peeled off and died of old age. They don't even make them green anymore. wtf.

Anyway.. car passed yay!

Also.. foodyay!

Yesterday I went to Dallas with KT to see Dmitri Hvorostovsky perform. It was very exciting and Russian. I liked it a lot when I was able to get past how uncomfortable the seats were. (I know it's a Russian national song, but....) I couldn't help but get excited when they sang Tetris music :X I am a dork. I really did appreciate the majority of the show, though. A few of the last peices reminded me of generic-foreign-music. Like.. Japanese enka, or when you're in Mexico and they're playing weird folk shit on the street.. or someone says "LISTEN TO THIS AWESOME SAD SONG FROM INDIA". Most of it sounds very generic. You can't generalize all music like this by any means, and it's kind of hard to describe it without painting myself into a corner, but there's a generic "foreign-sad-fold-song" feel to certain types of music. It's like.. soft rock on AM radio.

Anyway.. It was all really just an excuse to go to Mr. Max's again, do somthing interesting, and give KT a chance to get a CD cover signed that didn't say "Carol," since at a previous signing he totally wrote some random name on there and not her real one XD wtfmate again.

So my brother had actually been in town this whole time, but I'd forgotten I'd commited myself to this concert event ages ago. Luckily, he totally didn't mind me taking off for the greater part of an afternoon.

All of this has left me filled with all sorts of food.
KT brought me presents! I've been gorging myself with baklava trying to decide when I want to try this matcha green tea smoothie mix she brought. It looks tasty, and she said it tastes just like the green tea frappuchinos from starbucks, so I'm excited. I'm also fairly lazy, so I'm sure that when I've finished the can, I'll probably continue to get them at starbucks as opposed to buying another can of mix. Just that lazy. Let's see.. I also made a ham& bajillioncheese quiche or two... Ray made a botana platter.. I also brought home some cheese soup from the deli. I have more food than I know what to do with >:O I just hope I can get creative with using the leftovers before everything goes bad. We bought way too many ingredients for the botana, so there's like.. a whole extra bag of tortilla chips. If I have enough cheese, I'll be making tons of nachos, I think.

Having things to exciting leaves my house messy, so I've been dealing with that tonight. NO CLEAN BRAS=EPIC SADNESS!


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