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It's like a spider soap opera, I swear. The big one dissappeared for a few days, so I thought I was in the clear for Halloween night. The little one seemed to dissappear too, when it was colder. Then webs started showing up in random places again. While I was doing yardwork the night before last, I saw the smaller of the two camped out by the trash can. I saw the webs, so I cleared them out. Not out of maliciousness or spite, but to get them out of my way so I wouldn't be walking through them all the time when I was cleaning.
I then decided to see if I could relocate the spider, so I brushed her off the eaves and coaxed her into the bushes.
Tonight, (as if to spite me) the smaller one has built a web over the porch light DIRECTLY OVER THE FRONT DOOR.
The bigger one was out in full force today too. It's amazing anyone stopped by at all. I really don't want to hurt/kill them, so I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping they'll clear out, or hit the end of their natural lifespans or somthing. They're creepy T..T But they eat flying bugs, which is good. T..T but they're still fucking creepy.

That being said, we had a really decent turn out this year. I'd say just under a dozen doorbell rings, which is much better than last year's two rings. I am a dork, and I do dress up in costume to give out candy, but the best part was, some family remembered I dressed up last year XD

Last year, I had that lame party with the ninja theme, so I made a super fast/ghetto Ibuki costume from street fighter. It was.. ghettoriffic XD There's not even any picture of it anywhere, and no proof it existed. lol. I wonder if I should put it on my cosplaylab to fluff up my costume numbers! LAWL!
This year, I was thinking about doing a Sadako/Samara costume from THE RING. I was just going to wear my washed-out Lady Eboshi wig backwards and make a white PJ gown, but I didn't have enough white fabric to really make any kind of garment :O So I didn't. I had all sorts of awesome plans, too. I was going to dye the gown to make it look waterlogged, and I was going to apply liquid latex to my hands and make them look messed up, and put all sorts of great makeup on and scare the crap out of people. But laziness won, and I just ironed my Red Mage and wore it :P At least it was cute. :X No photos, though. You guys have seen that costume a million times anyway.

Tomorrow, I go out and look for awesome clearance deals on halloween candy XD XD XD



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