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WTF do I do today? :O

So we were supposed to have company, and they didn't show. On the upside, the house looks fan-freakin'-tabulous. Since it's cooler out today, I'm thinking about maybe going out and working on the yard some more... or going out to the store. I need to buy some new gardening gloves and see what I have in the shed. Eventually, if I'm super productive, I want to weed shit out and make that sun porch area look nice. Since it's cooler out, I won't feel like dying from heat and humidity. Added bonus: No bug bites, no bugs, unhappy bugs, etc. This is really the major reason to do all this in the fall/winter while everything is unhappy XD bwaha!
Yesterday when I was cleaning part of the computer room I found the most disgustingly sappy letter I'd written Matt. It was embarassing to read, so I shredded it XD In retrospect, I feel a little bad. I certainly wouldn't have kept anything that embarassing that I'd written, so the conclusion I came to after I'd destroyed it was that Matt had printed it out and kept it XD Oh well. I live here. I can say sappy shit to him whenever he wants to hear it. The world NEVER needs to see that thing I wrote. It wasn't dirty or anything. It was just.. ugh. You'd think I could write somthing that wasn't utterly reduntant and retarded sounding.
I think my poor vaccum cleaner is pretty much dead, though. Every time I turn it on, it smells like the house is on fire. It's horrible and disgusting. It also.. doesn't suck. Normally it's great when things don't suck, but I like my vaccum cleaners to suck plz XP
Matt's mom has some sort of fancy cyclone somthing or other that does a really good job with pet hair. I think I need to look into somthing like that. Between Senpu, mu sewing (thread everywhere) and my hair (or at least, a good 20 years of long hair) the vaccum rollers are always getting gucked up with all sorts of gross stuff. So even though I cut my hair months and months ago, I still somestimes vaccume up huge long hairs from before. But who care about that anyway? XD

I'm still trying to decide what to do about those spiders for Halloween. I haven't seen them out the past two nights. I think it may be too cold for them. That means if it stays cool out, I won't even have to worry about it? :O

In the meantime, I think I can get rid of the large piles of brush. That certainly can't be good to leave them sitting around like that.


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