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Come one, Come all- See the Hypocrite in action! :P

I'm feeling much more genki, thankyouverymuch :P
Certain people are way too silly sometimes. Really.
I quit my workstudy job on Wed. Did I mention that? I don't remember... but it's one of the most eventful things in my life right now. Ahh.. I'm currently unemployed.. I feel like a bum.. heh. Ah well... I've already started applying at a few places for over the summer.
I DLed the new Gackt album the other day. It's pretty good. It's similar to Mars, and a good album to listen to.. but to tell the truth, there arn't any specific tracks that grab my attention. Gackt just has one of those voices that is *very* easy to listen to.
I'm also finishing a picture for my old boss. He requested that I leave him one of my scribbles when I leave, but I couldn't bear to give him something crummy, so I drew somthing new. I'll scan it in and show you guys later. It's early, and I havne't gotten any sleep yet. I just feel really relaxed for some odd reason, and I'm not ready to go to sleep and ruin it quite yet.
I also got quite a steal on a used CD the other day. I picked up Erasure's Cowboy album for 5 bucks.. hehheheheheheh They have a nifty remix of Blondie's (remix) Rapture. There's some other good stuff on there, too. In my mind, they're unpopular with everyone.. but really.. they're jsut a british band that's been around for a while that nobody talks about.. heh.. but I love those two to death. They've made some of the most beautiful relazation music ever, and they've done dance music, which makes them doubly-nifty. I like Enya, too. I don't know why I feel like babbling on about this stuff today. I mean, really. I suppose it adds more flavor to my posts than just documenting my life, though.
Oh yeah.. I also made another page of dirty cels on my site. I have enough material for at LEAST another, perhaps two.. but I'm seriously running out of space. I need to just get over it and register a domain. Then, I'd have tons of space, and hopefully a nifty .com site that will help me get more hits. ::shruggs:: And 1,000 was such a landmark for me... ::sigh::


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