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It's finally cooling off a bit

I haven't been paying attention to the weather, but I think a major front came through last night. I noticed around 4-5AM it started pouring when I went to sleep. I woke up around 11ish I guess? I don't remember. Anyway, it was still raning. It's been REALLY windy, too. It's about 55 degrees and windy right now. It's such a nice change from the 89-105& humid we have all summer. I guessed somthing was going to happen last night because the orb weavers were acting strangely. I've been trying to get some good shots over the past few days, but I'm too chicken shit to get close enough to get a good macro photo. And the spiders are really only good for 2-3 tries before they get spooked and run and hide.
I'm not sure I want to get too close anyway, because all photos online show them to be really hairy and creepy looking. Whatsthatbug.com says they're pretty harmless.. and it's been an interesting type of co-habitation the past few months they've lived here.
I found a photo on this site. SEE?? THEY'RE FUCKING CREEPY
There are two. One came first, and is bigger than the other. They're nocturnal, so sometime around sunset they build their webs along the walk to the door. One always camps out right below one of the walk lights. I imagine it eats pretty well there, since all manner of flying insect are attracted to the light. The other one is in the shadows a little more, but it seems to be doing pretty well for itself, since they're both out every night at clockwork, webs up and ready when Matt has to go to work at 9PM. But goddamn if they arn't creepy looking.
When I was trimming the trees earlier last week, I found a tiny little Crablike Spiny Orb Weaver out there as well. Those guys are apparently really common in the south. This one was all black and white with black spines, but the ones in florida are all black& white with red spines. This little guy sat still long enouhg for me to get a photo, but I still don't have a very good one. This little guy is a lot cuter because you dont' see hairs sticking out everywhere or big creepy legs, etc. Here's a site with a picture like the one in my yard. After I get a nice one, I'll post the ones I've been trying to take XD

I creep myself out just thinking about it. gaaahhh

I really hope they move on soon, though. I'm too chickenshit to relocate them, and Malophyte will never again visit me with them living here :O
Plus.. it's a little too authentic to leave them up as decoration for halloween. the trick or treaters will probably walk right into the web, get a huge spider on the face, and be traumatized for life XD

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