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I feel like I'm going to die XP

I went out to get the mail today and noticed how freakin' nice out it can be when there are clouds and it's not humid and a million degrees out. Since it wasn't too hot, I thought I might get some yardwork done and clean up that mess I made when I was taking down that dead tree last month. (It had been freakin' hot and freakin' humid every day since then, and I couldn't muster up the courage to deal with the bugs and get rid of those dead branches)

So, instead, what do I do?
I apparently smoke some crack and decide it's a good idea to climb on the roof, sweep it off, and trim all the tree branches above the house.
No likey heights.

I'm usually terrified of going up on the ladder, and whatever possessed me managed to get me up on the roof and do all sorts of dangerous scary stuff without freaking out. I spent a couple hours up there, because I am getting old and I am already fat, and much out of shape. I managed to sweep off all the dead leaves, though... and I trimmed away everything touching the roof. I'd say there is more work up there to be done, but it's damned good now, at any rate.

I also pruned the palm tree, pulled a bunch of vines off the house, swept the deck off and managed to toss SOME of the dead branches into the ravine. I think I made more piles of dead branches than I actually got rid of, though. I think I'm going to fall over from heastroke or somthing, so I decided to leave the cleanup for later, and go inside and have some water.

Anyone who reads this and knows me in person will probably be shocked to fucking death that I spent multiple hours outside, by myself, doing yardwork. And I wasn't even under duress D:
I feel kind of cocky knowing I did more yardwork today than say.. any hollywood actor/actress will do in the next 10 years, though.

(Oh man.. that reminds me. I had a freakin' weird dream last night where I was a guest at a wedding where Bruce Willis was getting married to Danny Glover, and they were bitching out the dude who was doing catering& decorating, because they didn't wand vases of red roses anywhere near the cake)

Ugh. I kinda do want to pay someone to take care of the rest, though. Maybe Mike Rowe will come out and do my yard for an episode? XP

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