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02 October 2007 @ 12:23 pm
I love October!  
If only for Halloween. But it does get much cooler out, and the air starts to taste crisp and clean. If there were such a place, I'd move where it it was fall all the time without summer or winter.

I really need to go out and finish some of the yardwork I started when I was feeling strangely productive a few weeks ago. Everytime I go out and it's hot& humid, though, I just feel like dying XP Hopefully, it'll cool off, and I can go out and get the rest done. Cool weather also means less chance of bumping into bugs, snakes, etc. I'm not worried in the least about the poisonous kinds. I just don't like the big ones that are everywhere around the house. I wonder if we have a machete. I also need to prune the palm tree. :X

I've been meaning to write somthing up on how the new Buck-Tick album is, but I haven't gotten around to it and I don't think anyone really cares XD It's a good album. It's different than 13 kai. IMO, the previous album was better because it showcased what I would call.. the dark, seductive side of Buck-Tick much more than this one. This album is more upbeat and fun, though. I don't think the tracks flow into each other quite so well. I would almost say that much more work went into the previous album. That's not to say none went into this one, but yeah. It reminds me a lot more of old Buck-Tick. Think of how silly and perverted/silly the song Vanilla is, and that's pretty much Tenshi no Revolver. But I loved Vanilla, so yeah. I like Buck-Tick. I can't really be critical of this album. All I can really say is I like both this one and the previous one. They're both very different, but that's why I love the band.