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Microsoft: Still ripping people off

Next Gen systems& handhelds....

Nintendo DS: Had some problems setting it up, but it was possible to connect wirelessly at any hotstpot, and between DS within 100 yds. When the DSLite came out, you no longer needed to reconfigure your router settings to cooperate with the system. It can connect easily now with just a WEP key.

Sony PsP: It's all magic. You flip the switch that says you want to enable wireless intarwebz, and it happens on it's own by magic. lawls.

Nintendo Wii: Comes ready to wirelessly connect to any freaking wireless network on the planet, straight out of the box. It was set up on our wireless network after just searching for an access point, and putting in our WEP key/password to give it permission to access. There are many free features like weather, email, internet, the silly Mii things, messaging between Wiis, system updates, voting minigame, and other occassional free downloadable stuff.

PS3: We don't have one yet, but I'm told it comes wireless ready straight out of box

X360: LOLZETHERNETCABLE! If you want to connect wirelessly, you still have to shell out an extra 100 bucks for a wireless network adapter, on top of paying a monthly fee to play ALL games online.

We bought a 360 today because there is finally a gaming library we're interested in. In retrospect, I think it was pretty foolish of us to hope that the 360 was wireless-ready straight out of box. We never participated with the whole online Xbox live thing when we got the first one. This was mostly because the system was a gorified boat anchor, and only acheived semi-usefulness after we voided the warranty, modded the hell out of it, and turned it into a mini-MAME emulator machine. But, from working at Gamestop, I knew all too well people were regularly coming in and grudgingly shelling out 100 bucks for wireless network adapters for the original Xbox.
I honestly thought with the technological push of this wave of Next-gen systems, it would be in-box for the 360. Sure, the 360 came out a year before the PS3 (and that, coupled with a bad games library has really hurt the Ps3), but Microsoft offers three seperate purchase packages for the cursed system, and not one of them comes included with a wireless network adapter.

The big deal? Our house is not new. Our house was built in the 50s. It's not really designed to accomodate a million electronical gadgets. We had a hard enough time getting the surround sound speakers set up with the control/entertainment tower and that hugeass TV. There was barely enough room to convert one of the bedrooms to a computer room. And there certainly is no easy way to run cables from the living room (where the TV/ent center is) to the computer room. We have a wireless router, and it has made freinds with our computers, Matt's laptop, our Wii, our DS, our PsP, etc. It's freinds with everything except the X360 because the 360 doesn't want to be freinds unless you archaeically run cables around your house or shell out an extra 100 dollar to make it not suck. Next gen my ass phhht

Aside from that, though, it's a nice system? :P We picked up Dead Rising (you can't go wrong butchering zombies in a mall, even if the load times blow and Otis the janitor wont' stop calling me), Overlord(reminds me of an adventure type Dungeon-Keeper), and Bioshock.
Bioshock gives me motion sickness somthing fierce. It's one of the main reasons I don't like first person shooters. They always make me want to hurl. I really want to slap everyone who is insisting that Bioshock "isn't like other FPS" because ultimately, FPS stands for FIRST PERSON SHOOTER. I don't care if you're not shooting a gun, and you are instead shooting bees from your wrists... Bees. WTF.
The fact remains that it is FIRST PERSON. The camera operates from a first person perspective. I haven't found a way to lock the camera or quickly re-center it, and all the moving around makes me want to puke.
Still, I've heard so many good things about the game, I picked it up anyway knowing that it would do that. I've been really impressed by the screencaps, and I was also really interested in the plot. I might play 30 min here and there between persona 3 months or somthing. But I seriously can't handle long gamins sessions of that. More than 30 min, and I'm feeling dizzy, sweaty, and nauseous. Then I spend 30-60 min recovering and trying not to feel puky. Seriously. It's not worth it just for a videogame. But if I can manage short bits and quit before I feel gross, I think I can still enjoy it.

Eternal Sonata comes out next week. Let's go to magical crack land on Chopin's dying bed! Go go Tri-Cresendo XD
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