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It's been almost a week, so I figured I'd post and let everyone know I am still alive :X
I don't really have anything interesting going on right now. I'm feeling post-project lethargy. I put so much time and energy into my Arshtat costume, and I'm not sure I'm satisfied with the exposure it got. I don't really want to slut it out to every community under the sun to troll for attention, but it would have been nice if it had received a little more exposure. We wore the costumes for a good chunk of Sat, and it almost felt like I wasn't in costume at all, except for the time I got stepped on and the chicks that stomped on me were pissy I was taking up room (apparently. I mean, the train isn't that long. You'd have to be standing pretty close to my behind to stand on me. WTF)

Anyway.. I've been slowly trying to clean up the house after the Arshpocalypse, and get things ready for AWA. I'm not going, but I promised to make some more half-bonnets by then, and there's still junk from my last project all over the place. On top of that, it's been a while since I've done the floors in the spare room where the pinball machines are, and it's feeling a little gross. I need to mop them with fake-wood-shiny-making-juice, and there's just too much junk everywhere. Maybe I will get off my ass this week and mail out a ton of stuff. I've had a huge Dell computer box sitting on the floor for years now that needs to go to kinomakoto. It's the last of her college shit that she'll probably just throw away.
I've also been sitting on a packed& taped box of really awesome fabric remnants that I've been meaning to send to zoi_no_miko for no less than 6 months. It's really shameful. On top of that, I need to make some more half bonnets to send out to banzchan before AWA. I have a bunch cut out, but the ones I want to make will take quite a bit of detail work, and will be of higher quality than the ones I made previously. (read:extra parts) so I need to get started so I can get those out in time.

I think if I can kick it in the ass and finally get all this shit mailed out, I'll have quite a bit more room to work with. I need to buy maybe one more tupperware drawer to stack on the ones I already have. I was using two for findings, and one for patterns.. However, I've run out of pattern space. So, I was using two for patterns and one for findings. With all the new stuff I've picked up for the bonnets, though, I don't have much room for findings and there are bags of materials on the floor. I still need to sell a lot more to recoup my materials cost, and they haven't really sold as well as I was secretly hoping. I feel the quality is good, but I may have misjudged the market, and may need to find some better trims. I really don't want to spent MORE on trims& materials, though XP Ugh.

Yesterday I did quite a bit of nasty manual labor outside, too. I swept off the deck. It's been raining quite a bit lately, and the leaves were piling up. The deck is already in really bad shape, and I don't need wood rot on top of the problems it currently has XP
I also started to cut a tree down. I'm terrified of using the chain saw, so I was manually sawing large branches off this poor dead thing that died of fungus last year. I got halfway through when I felt I like I was about to die, and had to shower& give up for the day. Maybe tomorrow I'll go out and try to take the rest of the branches down. I can save the trunks for another time.

Ugh.. speaking of rain.. We had the roofers come to fix shit about two months ago. It hasn't really rained since then, and we assumed everything was fine... But it was pouring about 3-4 days ago... and so was the roof. I called them while it was happening, and they still haven't gotten back to us yet. I don't know WTF is going on with them, but they were SUPPOSED to be the best roofers in town. And my roof is leaking like a seive. I'm really tired of having to run around with every pot& pan in the house everytime it rains.
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