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So.. free intarwebz radio= much confusion!

I was listening to straight techno for level grinding in WoW and it was great. But the intarwebz swears bright lights and loud noises can contribute to eyebrow twitches. So I decided to eliminate the techno factor and play nothing but classical, opera, and chamber music. Eventually I got bored with that and found a whole station of nothing but film scores. That sounded a lot like fun, so I put that on to listen for a while. Like the showtunes channel, I didn't really recognize most of it. But then, hey! Pirates of the Carribean, MIRITE? NO! Apparently, it was the Gladiator sountrack. Now normally I'd be fairly amused by picking out composers or whatever based on their style, but the more I listened to it, the more I was certain there had been some mix up and the track was mislabeled. But eventually, I heard unhappy, exotic wailing so I knew it wasn't a mix up. It was like.. the dude said "Hey, I'm really proud of this battle track. Let's build another movie score around this one peice! :O "

You learn somthing new every day :P


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