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Last minute cosplay MADNESS!

Last-minute costume is coming together, but sewing wing holes into a knit is seriously freaking me out. (Nemu from Haibane Renmei) I already cut up the dress I made for Kuromori and turned it into a skirt for Nemu, lawl!

I'm still working on packing, too. I was thinking I was going to sew the buttons into the the Arshtat waist cincher, but now I'm not sure I'm going to. We spent a lot of time tonight finishing the wig and making the crown work with it. We had to put the little purple doodads on all the braids, and trim the twisty things and adjust the fit of the crown with it. It's exciting! I still haven't done a makeup test with this wig on, though, so I may end up looking like an amazing yeti after I get it all on.

We'll be doing grocery shopping late tonight. (Few hours lawl?) and I have to pack real clothes and lots of good socks, etc so I don't kill my feet again. I really wish I'd had a chance to make Cornelia's cloak. Maybe for next year. I'm also bummed that despite near solid work on Arshtat, I wasn't able to make any lolita hats for Bob& Emily. I'll have to mail them a shipment after I get back from the con and get a chance to work on things.

Sooo.. to do list tonight:

Sew slits into the back of the sweater
make librarian armband

Finish packing Nemu
Finissh packing Arshtat
pack makeup
Pack real clothes
Pack bathroom bag
Pack chargers for the phone& camera& maybe DS?

Buy con food
Buy Ice

Pack car! zomgz!

~Set poor Senpu up with food& water for while we are gone

We need to get up and go super early to make sure we have a good parking spot D: Mmm.. chickenbiscuit& starbucks?!?

I totally don't feel ready for this con, despite the fact that Arshtat is very done. I mean, there's more nitpicky stuff to do on her, but she's essentially done
I really hope that the costume wears well, goes over well, etc. I'd like to wear it most of a day and get lots of pictures for the website. I think it's actually going to be really comfortable now that we have the wig stuff worked out. This one has a high danger of sliding backwords though :O

Wish me luck! I'm sure fansview will have an amazing photo of me looking really retarded in Arshtat on Sat :X


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