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Underwear! And Makeup! XD

I decided I wanted to wear my haibane costume again to Afest since ABe is going to be there again. Unfortunately, I always remember too late that I hate my haibane costume. So, I decided that I would do what I wanted to do in the first place and make a Nemu costume. I can cut my dress and make it a skirt, then all i'd need is a white v-neck sweater, and a library armband, and I'd be set. I mean, I cut my hair so I can't do Kuromori again anyway. Originally, I wanted to do Nemu but coudlnt' justify buying a wig that was essentially just a shorter version of my hair. So guess what?? My hair is just about perfect for Nemu right now. I guess technically, I'm making a last minute costume, but truthfully, it's just adding a flap onto the back of a sweater and cutting a dress in half& installing elastic XD

Anyway, for that project, I needed a white v-neck sweater :/ It's summer! I decided my best shot would be goodwill, but I couldn't find anything that even remotely resembled what I needed. I was worried I wouldn't get a good deal anywhere else, but I went to the mall anyway. It turns out I was able to get a silk knit for 5 bucks at JC Penny's that's pretty close to what I wanted! It has some bad black stains on it in places, but I dont' care. The characters get their clothing second-hand, so for 5 bucks, it's in character :P

While I was there, I figured I'd check out bath& body works and see if they had any interesting promos going on. Same for Dillard's and the Prescriptives counter.
Bath & Body works ALWAYS seems to have the same buy 3/get one free deal going on. what's up with that. Why do they call it a sale? I bought some stuff anyway, though, because I've really taken to the cherry blossom scent. I have no clue what the relevance of calling it Japanese Cherry Blossom is, but it's a nice floral scent that's not overpowering, and just a little musky. I like it quite a bit. So I picked some of that stuff up, and they kept trying to pile on the items. XD I was like.. wtfno. I'll do your 4/3 sale, but that's it.
The prescriptives counter was the same. They were giving away free gifts if you spent at least 33 bucks on certain things. I wanted to mix and match, but I still hadn't spent enough, so I picked up a few things for arshtat and made the min. They wanted me to buy the whole damned counter, though. And while I love that stuff, I couldn't justify spending over 100 bucks on makeup. Crackheads!

Today was a fun day of shopping, though. The best part was probably coming home and finding my bras in the mailbox :O No, it's not as exciting or weird as it sounds. But my field trip through the clearance section of the Victoria's Secret website did yeild a super comfortable seamless underwire with amazing lift. I'm shocked. I also got a bratard thing. It's like.. a bodysuit/leotard/whatever with a bra sewn in the top. I figured it would help give smoother lines under some costumes.

I forgot what else I was going to talk about other than the fact that I haven't sewn in 3 days, and I only have two before I have to pack everything up for the con. I'm amazingly not freaking out, though I should be

PS: KT I have a feral druid in WoW. She turns into a bear and eats things. I named her Argilla. lawl


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