HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

The end is in sight!

I'm working on finishing the waist cincher tonight. If I can at least finish sewing all the trim on, I'll just have painting to do on that. If I can finish the trim, I'll be done with machine sewing on this costume. If I can finish that trim, I'll feel like the costume is done. (Even though it's not)
Barring the nitpicky stuff I kind of want to re-do, like the blouse neckband or more intricate embellishments, this is all I have left for the base costume:

Arshtat completion list
~adjust the fit of the crown and try to stabilize it (likely to be done at con)
~figure out how to attach brooch to costume
~attach snaps to open side of the straps of the flappy thing
~stabilize the gold hip-hugging decorations
~paint a bajillion designs on the waist cincher
~sew buttons inside the waist cincher to fasten collar
~hand-sew a loop in the back of waist cincher to hold the back scarf

It looks so small now! It still feels like I have miles to go to finish, though. It's killing me because I know that I have less than a week.. and despite my time procrastinating, I have nothing to show for the work I HAVE been doing. After I finish sewing on the trim& painting the waist cincher, I will post one last in-progress photo. Since without the finishing closures, it will still be in-progress.

I also need to get with celine about my wig. I know she was saying she was going to visit this weekend to drop it off, but I haven't heard anything about when/if it's still happening, in which case I need to arrange for the wig to get to Karen so it can get up here. Not having a wig would make me a sad panda. Because then I'd have to wear my Norn wig and Arshtat would have cat ears and a cowlick. lawl.

I also bought some really gorgeous printed fabric that I'd like to make a wa-loli top out of so that I have somthing different to wear to the tea party. I wasn't really expecting to work that panel again this year. I honestly kind of forgot about it. I'm planning, worst case scenario, to wear my concert outfit from Expo... but it needed work. I needed to de-bulk the skirt and re-sew closures in the tux top. The tux top was having problems staying flat over the bajillion yards of fabric gathered at that skirt's waist band. The sad thing is, I was cutting gores left and right to make the panels smaller at the top before I gathered them, and it's still a mess. Argh. But, in a pinch, it will have to work, since I don't know that I'm going to be industrious enough to pull a lolita outfit out of my ass for this panel. It is really nice fabric, though. And I WILL do somthing with it.

But yeah. My animefest wardrobe is looking suspiciously like my Expo wardrobe now... sans the Yu~ki, hide, and Mayuri. I still haven't given much thought to what I'm taking with me, which is the sad part.
Definitely bringing the red mage Refia costume, and Cornelia.. and Arshtat of course.
Maybe I should bring the hide costume to wear on like Friday or somthing. I'm going to wear Arshtat probably Saturday... and Refia to judge the cosplay since it's small (except for the hat lol!) and easy to move in. Cornelia will be worn sunday afternoon unless there's some sort of photoshoot. I don't know. I haven't even looked at those.

I need to pack away the art boxes for Haibane Renmei, Witch Hunter Robin, and possibly Samurai Champloo and/or Wolf's rain. I need to see what will be excessive, but I have a lot to get autographed this year. Sadly, Wolf's Rain/Samurai Champloo art boxes would be brought for autographs to increase the collector's value for when I re-sell, if anything. So I'll probably just leave them. I don't know what I was thinking when I picked those up in the first place. I almost feel the same about Witch Hunter robin because it was so dull, but I almost finished collecting THAT set. XD whateva! I'm really excited that Yoshitoshi ABe is coming back this year, since last year my panels were all scheduled against EVERY SINGLE ONE of his panels. I couldn't get out of it, either. I was so bummed that I couldn't catch a single one due to the other stuff I was working at the con. And I'm a little sad that his partner in crime, Yasuyuki Ueda isn't on the guest list this year. It seems those two usually travel to cons together. It makes sense since they've worked together so much, but I really missed out on having my hellsing box autographed by him last year T..T (Let's forget the fact that last year I forgot my art boxes and was really bummed out by it, so it's amazing that I get a second shot at somthing like this ;O )

Blahblahblah convention, right?

These cosplay chemical fumes are killing me. My house is well ventilated! I have doors and windows everywhere XP

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