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You know it's close to con time when I start getting cosplay nightmares.
I always get nightmares starting a week or two before somthing I've worked hard towards. When I was in school, it was ALWAYS about band stuff. And usually only during marching season. Since I've picked up cosplay, I almost always have nightmares about the costumes I've worked hardest on. It's mostly silly stuff, like me forgetting a major peice of my costume (it's happened) and not being able to wear it, or somthing breaking, ripping, staining, etc. Last night I had a dream I was hiding from someone in a public bathroom while wearing most of my arshtat costume, and the skirts got stuck in the toilet and it was flushed . Amazingly silly, I know, but I always get really nervous close to cons about forgetting things or breaking things. So yeah, it's time for the silly nightmares to start for the next week.

In other news, though, I went to the fabric store yesterday and got some more gold ribbon as well as some black fabric for the waist cincher trim. I got to work right away on the flappy thing in the front of the costume and finished everything on it but the snaps. So that makes my to-do list super short now! The next big thing I need to do on the costume is finish the waist cincher. AFter that, it's all little detail stuff like sewing closures, etc. If nessesary, I'd be able to wear the costume with safety pins. And you know that's usually good enough for me :X Which is probably why this next bit never happens...

I'm thinking about selling some costumes. There's stuff I'm sure I'm not going to wear anymore, but since I don't have a serger and I cut a lot of corners, I'm not sure that anyone will want to buy any of my older stuff. I've done a pretty well with re-using some costumes and peices but there are things like my Rabi costume that I'm pretty sure I'm never going to wear again,a nd I have all the peices for that I could sell. I'd have to do some sewing to make them wearable, though. Like, I know the Rabi costume has a few hook& eyes that have become loose. And I wouldn't sell the shoes for that costume because I like them XD I don't have the ears for that one anymore, either. But I have the dice, the shirt, skirt, tail, etc. So maybe. I don't know. Last time I tried to sell some extra pairs of wings it didn't really go over that well. I've thought about trying the cosplay LJ community, since it seems to be the SELL COSPLAY CRAP LAWL community now. Maybe after Afest I'll do a sweep of the costume area and see what I can ditch. I have some things like that Princess Buttercup dress that I've only worn once, which is a shame because it's really pretty :X

Whether or not it's common knowledge, I really like Jonathan Coulton. If you guys haven't heard any of his stuff, you really need to check him out. He's done a lot of stuff under the creative commons license, and I think he's written songs for the Popular Science magazine?
Anyway... You can listen to all of his stuff for free on his website. If you want to download the songs, it's a dollar per song, or a set ammount per album. He had this project where he wrote one song a week to keep the creative juices flowing, and there are some real gems in there.

If you love robots, zombies, ninjas, mad scientists, evil overlords, giant squid, or songs about math and the presidents, check him out.


Two of my personal favorites are Skullcrusher mountain, and Big Bad World One, which is a lot more mellow and a bit sadder and not silly like most of the others of his I like.
Other great ones are: Code Monkey, Chiron Beta Prime, Mandelbrot set, Creepy Doll, The Presidents, and Tom Cruise Crazy.
Incidentally, random no-name internet sites have declared his cover of Sir Mix a Lot's "Baby Got Back" as one of the best covers of all time XD

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