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One working week checklist freakout countdown

Tonight has been devoted towards nitpicky stuff. I can't finish the last of the work in front of the sewing machine because I'm amazingly out of black fabric. I used the last of the stuff that could POSSIBLY be used for trim on the collar, leaving nothing left for the waist cincher. I need to hit the fabric store tomorrow for some black bottomweight that will work on the waist cincher, as well as more gold ribbon to finish up the bottom flappy part. Once I get the ribbon, I can glue everything together. After it's all glued together, I can put the back facing on it and actually put all the straps on it. One spool of ribbon is preventing me from doing this! That is why I need to go out tomorrow XP
But in the meantime, I've been doing all the little detailwork I've been neglecting, like handsewing on the top, etc. I took the collar and ran strips of hotglue down all the plastic parts, then I trimmed them and painted them to make it look like they're brackets. They're supposed to look like brackets, and not individual plastic peices glued on the top and bottom of the collar. So.. I did that. It's normally the kind of detail I'd overlook, but since I'm waiting until the fabric store opens tomorrow.. I might as well try and keep busy.
I haven't been doing much the past few days on that costume because it's been Matt's week off. And on Matt's week off, I'm much more easily tempted to play videogames next to him for a whole week :X Compound on that the fact that Celine started a character on our new server, and our Parisian freind is playing regularly, and well.. I haven't been able to get much on the costume done.

That being said.. I'm beind productive tonight, damn it. It's all stuff that wouldn't even really be that visible if I were to take a new picture of the mess on the dressform, but it's stuff that will help the costume wear a little better and look a little sharper. Like little loops on the sleeves to hold the scarves.. and buttonholes on the collar so it can button into the waist cincher.
Basically stuff I'd normally run out of time to do and end up closing with safety pins :X
If I can completely finish the collar tonight, though, I'll be super happy

~adjust the fit of the crown and try to stabilize it
~figure out how to attach brooch to costume
~attach snaps to open side of the straps of the flappy thing
~stabilize the gold hip-hugging decorations

Waist Cincher:
~paint trim
~add trim
~paint the white designs
~buttons sewn in for the collar to attach to
~hand-sew a loop in the back to hold the back scarf

Nitpicky things I probably won't get around to
~attach some sort of tie on the top to keep it shut
~remake blouse neckband
~sculpt top shoulder embellishments in 3D


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