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So strange...

Akuma Shinzo and I saw Freddy Got Fingered today. It's the new Tom Green movie. I'm not sure I like that guy.. he sure is strange.. But damn.. that movie was MESSED UP. It was just.. weird... I think I could get arrested for talking about some of the stuff that happened in that movie.. it was that disturbing... O..o
4 Akihabara cyber team cels came in today. They look even better than the scans on the auction page. I'm very happy. I now have many choices when picking somthing for tsukasa kotobuki to autograph at A-kon. (YAY!!!)
Also- I got my HEATH PLUSH today! I was almost afraid that if I touched him, he'd fall apart.. heh. Very old X Japan plushie.. hmm.. nice...
I'm doing mych better about not spending on ebay.. sure, I've been bidding a lot. (My stalker kenji will attest to that) but I haven't been actually winning any of them. It's unfortunate for some items.. but better in the long run, I suppose.


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