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12 August 2007 @ 09:24 pm
More new photos!  
khet_tcheba left for home today. We got a lot done, though! I was able to use her box of awesome to serge the sleeve seams and the one waistline seam I forgot in the skirt, and we worked on all sorts of stuff. I think she's completely finished the necklace for her Granado Espada costume. :D I didn't get photos, but I know she did. She also pretty much MADE my necklace XD I made a bead & the center peice the way I wanted, and she made molds out of plaster of paris and cast them all out of freindly plastic while I was asleep :O
In the morning, I painted, drilled& assembled everything together. It looks pretty badass. I also finished the bottom sunburst on my crown, glued all that together, and finished the crown itself. There are probably a few places I can touch up, but I'll have to find them later. Also, I'm not entirely sure the whole thing is going to sit the way I want it to. I'm terrified of putting too many pins into my wig, because I don't want to mess up the braid styling. So..I'll have to put on a random wig here at the house and figure things out. Chances are, though, it's going to happen last-minute at the con :( It's the kind of thing I know will make me unhappy about the costume if the hat doesn't stay in place. I really need to figure it out. If I can't move my head in this costume, my neck is going to get sore very quickly and it's going to ruin an otherwise comfortable costume.

I also decided to give up on hook& eye closures on my waist cincher when I saw KT pull out a huge strip of eyelet tape. If I'd known I was going to end up closing it like that, I would have made the whole thing about 1-2 inches smaller T..T So now it fits well, but could fit better.. but I don't have to hand-sew a bajillion hook& eyes, and I'll have a little more leeway with my trim, when I get it done.

Most of yesterday was spent making all my belts, too. I got all the belts cut out for my costume, covered in brown suede, treated with some gold spray paint, woven together, etcetc. As far as those go, I really need to finish the front panel of that yellow flappy thing, so I can finish gluing everything down, make the back, and attach all the straps. :O
I can actually see an end to my to-do list now, though XD

Pictures here again
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