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10 August 2007 @ 11:26 pm
Three new photos  
Ugh, I have a headache.
Pictures here

Everything turned outwonderfully and as expected except for the rays of light details on the center yellow pattern. Since I haven't put the backing on the flappy thing yet, I can continue to work on it until I'm happy with it. I've re-done them twice with two different kinds of trim so far, and it looks horrible. I think I might go with gold paint+ that powder pigment I have. Anything would look better than that glue& trim mess that's up there now. But never mind that. Look at all the fun details on the outer edges :X

It's really floor-length, but my dress form is set for my current height, and not the height I'm at with those shoes on, so it looks a little off on the dressform. But you'll have to trust me when I say that it's not too long when I hold it up to myself D:

I still need to make a million fake leather belts& straps for that thing, the decorations that hang off them, etc. But this was a huge landmark. After I finish this, I just have the strappy belts and the collar to sew, and the rest (including finishing the corset) are just details. It's still a lot to go, but I can almost see the end in sight. I just can't take another week off.