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I've been itching to post this meme ever since I saw trailers for the movie, but I haven't yet because I hadn't read the books :X I finished The Golden Compass about two weeks ago, and today I finished The Subtle Knife. I'll definitely have The Amber Spyglass done within the next few weeks... but I've been reading chapters in between painting/gluing/sewing sessions, so it's slow going. Mostly I read a few chapters or play some Tales of the World while I'm waiting for a paint coat to dry XD
I feel that since I'm 2/3 through the books now, though, I can take the meme ;O

Goddamn IMDB was fun today. There's a huge flame war on the Bret Rattner page that had me laughing my ass off.
I was looking for showtimes for Stardust, and I noticed there's a much larger level of utter shit in the theatres this summer than usual. After reading a review declaring the "BRATZ" movie, "The most horrifying movie of 2007," I really have to feel bad for some of these film critics. Wouldn't it be horrible to be the unlucky person forced to sit through Daddy Day Camp, Who's your Caddy, Bratz, Underdog, and whatever that new Lindsay Lohan movie is... all at once? D: My head would explode.

PS: I still haven't seen ratattoille yet, and I think it's about to leave Waco. Oh well. I'll have to wait for the DvD release T..T Matt *WILL* take me to see Stardust Weds or Thurs, though, or I will riot D:


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