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Mouth and random non-costume stuff

I think I can safely say my gums are healed up. I have a really long, cool looking scar up there now. I was really anxious for this to heal up, though, since it was uncomfortable, swelled like all get out, and made mealtimes take twice as long. The "weird" sensation I used to have has decreased noticably. It's so much better now that I don't feel like I'll sqeeze my tooth out every time I wash my face. I can't really describe how bizzare it was. It's still there, but nowhere near as strong a sensation as it used to be. While it was healing, one of the teeth next to it hurt like hell for about two days, but that's gone away, too. I do have a few side effects, though. I think I have some permenant minor nerve damage along the gums by my canine (a tooth that hasn't had any work on it). It doesn't feel right there anymore, but it's not bothersome. I also have two weird little bumps up along the gumline that I think is more scarring from the stitches. But all in all, mouth= happy

I took advantage of the 70% off clearance section on the victoria's secret website today, too XD
They have these nifty bodysuit bras that would be awesome for shaping under a few of my costumes, and I was able to pick one up for like 14 bucks. Yay! :O I heard they have a very nice seamless bra as well. I found one of those in the clearance bin too :X I think it's probably like the gillian o'malley ones they carry at Target, but since it was in the clearance bin, it was super cheap :X I almost went nuts and got all sorts of other stuff because it was 70% off, but I held back :P Otherwise I would have come out with 3 more T shirts and a satin pajama set in a most awesomely god-aweful cheetah print XD


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