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Not feeling so hot

I've been feeling really weak the last two days. I wonder if it's a nutritional deficiency.
I've been drinking plenty of fluids and I've been eating pretty healthily, but physically, I just feel like it's a huge effort to move. And not really in the lazy way. I've also had a splitting headache most of the afternoon :(
I really hope that I'm not coming down with something. When I woke up this morning, I felt very hot and semi nauseous. Hopefully after some vitamins, I'll feel back to normal.
No pregnant jokes, it's impossible right now ;P

There's also the possibility that it's chemical fumes though XD I've been playing with some very nasty stuff the past few days. I finished building the latex mold for my underbust brooch earlier today, and finally cast it in resin. It worked out pretty well! I'm waiting for glue& paint to set, and I think I'll try to put a screw in the back to hold the front disk on more firmly. All I need to do on this peice now is to add some sort of attachment on the back so it'll clip/pin/tie onto the costume, and a few loops to tie down the yellow scarves, and it's set.

Photos here, as usual


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