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3 more weeks


I've reached cosplay shutdown. It's about that point when I realize that I am running out of time and I completely shut down until the last desperate night before the con. I can feel it coming, so I've been trying to keep busy on jewelry, etc. I still have SO MUCH to do. Here's a list if you don't beleive me:

~make the second lower sunburst for the visor
~attach the sunbursts to the visor permenantly
~attach the wire to the visor to slide the mess under the wig
~tweak the fit of the crown so it doesn't move

Sun Rune
~draw& cut out sun rune out of sticky vinyl to be attached with spirit gum later

Waist Cincher:
~paint trim
~add trim
~paint the white designs
~add closures

~draft pattern
~paint red collar
~paint white parts on blue collar
~attach shoulder bits
~cut/attach trim
~attach little squares

Flappy thing
~finish the inside gold peice
~attach gold trim to the top for sunburst design
~make back facing for flappy thing
~make the dark gold edge trim
~make 5 "leather" strappy things
~make closures for all this mess
~rub gold pigment into the suede leather
~make sure everything is glued down together properly

~sculpt 12 necklace beads
~drill holes in all beads, paint& string necklace on wire
~finish the rubber mould for the underbust brooch
~resin cast the brooch
~attach the peices together& paint brooch
~figure out how to attach brooch to costume
~make the three-loop belt things on the waist band and paint them
~make the two top hip-hugging gold things that hang on the "leather" straps& paint them
~make approx 16-24 squares with bumps on the top to put onto the faux sailor collar
~sculpt the two top-collar embellishments

Finishing details:IE stuff no one will see/notice that I want to do
~gold nailpolish for fingers& toes
~maybe some gold dangly bracelets
~contacts: I think her eyes are blue or purple? I can't tell. I have some blue contacts. I was thinking about getting some purple prescription lenses.. acuview or somthing, like the blue ones I have. I'd wear them for fun, with Cornelia, and possibly with this one

At any rate, I guess it's good that I've gotten to the point that I can make a list like this, but it's still all very overwhelming. And I still need to go out to the store and buy the stuff to finish the crown& make the Sialeeds chakrams. I know that if I can kick Arshtat in the ass, I can get everything done in time. That should give me a day or two to slave away at another 20-30 black lolita bonnets. If I have time, I'll whip-stitch some cat ears to them, but to make things look good, they HAVE to be hand-stitched, and I don't know if I'll have the time to do the cat-eared ones.


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