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I finished the red thing!

Thanks to celine, I have heat'n'bond at my disposal. I spent the greater part of the day finishing sewing the red thing, drafting the designs, ironing my silk remnants to heat'n'bond, cutting out the designs, and ironing them onto the red thing.
Funny story~~~~
I'm totally out of muslin, and I've been feeling pretty productive in my cave lately, so I haven't bothered to go shopping for more costume stuff. I'll probably have to go out Mon for 2-3 things.. but that's neither here nor there..
Anyway, I took the last 1/3 yard muslin I had to make a mini-mock up of the red thing. It's like dollfie scale, because I just wanted to see if the shapes would work. haha XD
It did work, but I had nothing to draft the designs out on. We don't get the paper, and I didn't think I had any other large yardages of scrap fabric left that wern't stretchy. I have tons of stretchy shit I don't want... but after digging around for 10 min, I came up with the last of the light blue Silky skirt. Not the Silky skirt fabric remnants. Those went into Gogo. I'm talking the actual skirt. So, I took all that light blue lining material and drew over it in sharpies to make the pattern for the Arshtat squiggles. Silky is not officially 100% recycled. Long live Silky!
(Bodice went to lolita outfit, crown was lost to the ages.. threw away the armor after cannibalizing the gold domes for Norn, so I wouldn't have to paint new ones.. yellow skirt went into making a yellow Roze dress from Fullmetal Alchemist for someone, and parts of the blue skirt went into the lining for the Gogo cape)
So really, that was the last large yardage of that costume. And I'm really so happy I was able to completely recycle it. It totally made up for how much it cost to learn fiberglassing and make that costume :X Haha.
Anyway, I hope you guys check out the two new pictures. The red thing looks cool. This almost looks like a costume now!
Though, when I think about what I still have to do.. argh.
Tomorrow, I'm going to work on making the brooch latex-ready for resin casting. I think I'm going to have to sculpt all the necklace beads by hand, though, since I was having trouble casting them thick enough after the shrinkage.
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