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I'm so sleepy D:

Happy birthday Malophyte, even though you don't update your journal, check your freinds pages, answer your pages, or call me anymore :O

And also happy birthday to applcheeks, whom none of the above really applies to, since she lives in another state XD

I have three new costume photos for you guys before I go to bed. I stayed up probably an extra hour and a half than I was originally going to, because I desperately wanted to finish painting and attaching the second sleeve tonight before I went to bed. I'm going to put a quick drawstring tie on the top to help keep it in place while dressing.. and I think I'm going to sew two quick loops on the sleeves to keep the yellow scarves in place without pins. These quick things will never happen. I'm saying what I WANT to do, but since it can all be handled with safety pins, I'm going to procrastinate on it and continue to work on the rest of the costume until Afest, run out of time, and then end up pinning everything like normal. Part of me really wants to push and do these little details, though, since the whole white part is made out of silk and has a much higher level of craftsmanship than usual pumped into it. You know.. what with the hours and hours of handpainting and the use of khet_tcheba's box of awesome.

While I was visiting celine over the weekend, we got a lot of work done on the wig. I say "we" but it was really just Celine. I put the wig on and giggled while she showered me in hair bits, and sometimes helped hold or brush things out. That was the extent of my help XD We didn't quite finish before I left, though, since I really wanted to get going before it got dark. So, I left the wig with her. In exchange for her working on it, I'm going to work on some chakrams for her. I figure.. it's somthing I think I can do sitting on the couch waiting for stuff to dry while I work on the other craftsy bits.
I do need to head to hobby lobby to get more quilter's pattern plastic for my costume and the foamcore board for her props, though.

Anyway.. The sleeves turned out exactly how I wanted them to. I used the horsehair braid again along the bottom, and the pattern I drafted for the top of the sleeves makes them look exactly like they should without pulling on the blouse or looking saggy. I took special care to make sure the patterns on the sleeves were going out, away from the body, and overall, I think I learned a LOT about stenciling in the past few days. I'm really happy with how it's turned out so far. I haven't noticed it in the pictures so far, but I'm hoping that it all photographs consistantly since it was all hand-painted, and the paint was all hand-mixed in multiple batches... But I don't see any deviations in color and I think I was really consistant with my proportions, so it's looking good.

I'm soooo tired now, though
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