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More costume progress! :O

Three new photos up at my cosplay.com gallery.. Of course, kinomakoto already knew this, because she is crazy stalker :O
Basically, I've finished painting the trim around the bottom of the skirt. This makes the white skirt completely finished. New additions between these photos and the last... the tasseled earrings khet_tcheba and I made together, as well as the yellow sash thingies that have been done for a while. That's three components of this costume that are completely finished. 3/20ish? Ugh!
I spent the vast majority of the day painting. So basically, this was a 3-day skirt after using KT's box of awesome. Two days of sewing/hemming, one day of painting. I made the stencil yesterday, and taped most of the skirt with painter's tape for the bottom stripe. So technically four days? Whatever. I don't have much time XD Next, I really need to draft out the top, and/or draft out the red thing. The red thing is just draped on the dummy right now to make it look more awesome. But it'll look much better when it's done XD The top won't take long at all to do once I have it patterned out. It's the patterning that I've been procrastinating on, though, since I'm out of muslin. Maybe if I got another mailer the other day, I'll use my 40% off on a bolt of muslin. But yeah, that's next.

All the while, I've still been working on my sculpting and resin-casting for the other peices. I need more quilter's pattern plastic, too. I used two sheets between the multiple peices of the crown and my stencils, and I could probably use at least one more peice for the hip jewelry and the rest of the crown. I'm still sculpting bits for the rest that will be resin-cast, but hopefully within the next day or two, I can start building up my mold for the center corset brooch thing. I'm waiting for the paperclay to dry onthe last peices, and tomorrow it should get the last of the sanding and a wet wash. Then I need to seal it with mod podge for a day and I should be able to build up the mold!



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