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We were productive! (lawl)

khet_tcheba and I spent the weekend doing many nessesary things. This included, but was not limited to:

~drinking beer
~making a few gallons of curry
~eating lots of curry
~gorging ourselves on gummy worms
~eating watermelon
~FOR CEREAL discussions of discovery channel Egyptlology
~some sewing
~I read all of the last harry potter book all at once, lawl 2AM-10AM was all you, Harry. Then I took a nap from 10-2 and we went back to asshatery
~taking retarded pictures

Beleive it or not, we actually got a lot of sewing done. In the long run, it doesn't seem like much, unfortunately, because our costumes are complex and time consuming T..T

What we finished on my Arshtat:

~skirt get!
~hand-made tassled earrings get!
~4 more yards of silk get! (You don't want to know why...It was a fucking crying shame)
~some sanding lawl

What we did on KT's Zerase:

~collar get!
~dress get! OMFG
KT went from having a half-finished muslin mock-up to a full gown in one weekend. I think all she has to do now is a little hand-stitching and it's completely done. I helped a little by installing a zipper so she didn't have to look like a tubeworm while getting dressed. And I helped a little bit with the boobfacing. But yeah. SEWING LIKE A MADWOMAN ON CRACK!

Since KT had her serger over, I totally abused it and serged a bunch of seams on old costumes that were bothering me.
I serged the neckband of my Tsunade shirt... I'll probably never wear that costume again, but the top is actually really comfortable. If I ever put closures on it (instead of closing it with the waist sash obi thing) I'll probably wear it around town XD
I also serged all the seams of my white underwear kimono. I wear it with all kimono cosplay, and I need to wash it often because Mayuri=many layers. Having all serged seams here makes me happy
I took care of many of the sleeve and some of the side seams on the Cornelia jacket, too. That costume is kinda stanky from Expo and I really want to wash it, but I was afraid to wash it because of the denim. Now I'm just afraid to wash it because I don't know if the maroon denim will bleed and ruin the yellow trim part. (Didn't have time to pretreat that one)... but hey! It's serged like there's no tomorrow, so if I ever get some more color catchers and the balls to dare to wash it, it'll be good to go.

I really was torn about what to do with my captain's coat, though.

I love my Mayuri costume so much. It's one of the few costumes that I've actually continued to repair and work on when needed. I put in many hours re-doing the three gold things on his face because they were starting to look a little warped after so many wears. But at Expo, there was a bit of a catastrophe I didn't post about earlier.
In flight, some of my liquids exploded. I don't fly much, so I kind of forgot to take extra precautions for this. I did, however, make sure everything I didn't want touching fabric was in a plastic bag. The shampoos, etc were not a big deal, because they were in a bathroom bag, and nothing got out. The Liquid latex I was going to use to seal my eyebrows for Yu~ki got all over many things in my suitcase, though. And while I did unpack and hang many costume peices, I didn't notice anything was wrong until I got further down. The liquid latex coated the inside of the protective bag, and found a small hole, or tear, or crease, or whatever to escape, and coated the inside of my hide wig, the front left panel of my Mayuri captain's coat, the front side of my black lolita purse, and got a few flecks in other places. All in all, I was able to wear the wig, but it doesn't fit quite right anymore because the cap doesn't fully stretch. It's fuzed on one side with latex. But you probably saw the pictures.. looks fine. Just a little uncomfortable, and harder to keep from slipping.
The purse was flocked. No getting any of that stuff off. I just colored over it with a black sharpie, and kicked myself for being a little clumsy. I noticed the latex on the purse way before I realized the tub had leaked, so yeah..

But the coat.. Argh. I haven't been able to find any more of that fabric I used. It has such a unique, rubbery texture. It's ribbed like a suiting, has a little stretch, and a little sheen to it. But mostly, it feels kinda rubbery and reminded me of a rubber lab apron. It was perfect for the coat. But I also can't find anymore of it, and don't have any remnants of it left. So replacing that one panel is completely and utterly out of the question. I was able to peel a lot of the latex off, but that still left the stuff that had engrained itself with the fibers.. and the fact that it was flesh colored latex didn't help either. It now looks like my cat horked on it. And sinec it's latex, there's no way of bleaching it out or anything like that. It's turned those spots in to cat-hork colored PVC fabric, basically. So my other option is painting over the hork with white fabric paint. It will blend in color-wise, but it will always bother me that it's there.

So yeah.. where was I going with this??

That coat BADLY needs to be serged, but I seriously can't decide if it's worth it now since the coat is pretty much ruined. And I really don't want to make another. If I painted over the hork spots, I don't know if I would be less likely to continue to wear the costume. And even then, I don' tknow how much life it has left in it anyway since I wear it so much. But I do love it, and I wonder if I should take it to a serger? Blah!


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