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More in progress photos to keep me motivated

I'm posting pictures again! Yay!? XD
I'm trying to stay motivated, but I'm having trouble. Everytime I think about what I need to do yet on this costume, I get overwhelmed. There's so much left to do it's disgusting. Especially when you consider that I'm easily spending 5 hours a day working on this costume.
So, you're getting more photos. I'm still working on the hat, but at least now it's almost done. I need to finish attaching all the sunburst stuff to the visor so that it won't come off. I've tried to glue it on twice already and it's pulled off. Next I'm trying some hotglue+ E6000. I wanted to go with the E6k in the first place, but I haven't been able to find my tube. Anyway, once I do that, I need to make the wire tounge that'll slip under the wig to hold the visor, and the crown is mostly finished. Hopefully, it'll just take a few bobby pins to keep on. I took some silly photos and tried pinning the crown in place, and it seemed to work ok. I do need to go to Sally's and buy some white bobby pins, though, or I'm going to have problems.
Photos are uploaded again, here at my cosplay.com gallery. Please take a look if you get a chance. This thing has been eating all my free time and killing brain cells through fume inhalation XD But I did take a special one just for Tania

This costume is either going to be awesome.. or the worst thing I've ever made XD


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