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R.I.P. Mr. Snail D:

Mr. Fishie's tank-mate, Mr. Snail croaked D: I think it happened like two days ago? I noticed Mr. Fishie badgering Mr. Snail more than usual, and Mr. Snail had refused to leave his shell for the past month. Everytime I'd do a water change, I'd knock on his shell door and see if he was accepting visitors. He was always grumpy grumpy. I think part of it is the shell trauma he suffered at the pet store. When I took him home, I noticed a tiny crack in his shell, and it never did grow out quite right the whole time I had him at the house. Still, Mr. Snail lasted about 7 months, which is pretty good for a snail, I suppose.

Today, I visited Petsmart and bought Mr. Snail, mach II. Snail mach II is a golden apple snail. Mr. Snail was a black apple snail. Snail mach II seems much more outgoing. That, or he hates the tank. He's crawled up to the top a few times and dropped back down. Hopefully he lasts a while. I was sad to lose Mr. Snail, mostly because he stunk to high heaven when I cleaned out the tank last night XP MY GOD, it was horrible.
Anyway, I wish Snail mach II the best of luck XD

I scheduled a cleaning with the dentist today. I tried last week, but apparently, they were all on vacation. And the week before that, I was at Expo. We're way behind on our cleaning :X I was procrastinating because it seems like I ALWAYS need work done, and I used up all my dental insurance for the year back in Feb when I had my wisdom teeth out. This has to be done, though. And every time I go in, it's another opportunity to try to convince the dentist that there's somthing wrong with one of last year's root canals. Last year, he was like "blahblah that happens sometimes, it'll probably feel weird for the rest of your life. Let me know if it abcesses" A few days, a canker sore popped up way above the tooth, and there's a mystery bump there. Maybe I have enough evidence to proove that I'm not crazy, and that the tooth is bitter about being killed, and it's ghost is haunting the root or somthing.

At least, that's how I imagine it works.

At any rate, I've been trying to catch up on housework so I can get more costuming done. I can't prep my silk until I run the laundry in the machine right now. And there hasn't been a lot of room to work because the table is still a mess from A-kon, and there are dishes on the kitchen counters. While I would REALLY like to finish at least one part of this costume soon, I need to do a little cleanup before I can make any more progress. Technically, I've finished one part. I made the scarves that hang from the waist cincher/tie around my arms. But that really was nothing D: Maybe the mold for the resin casting will finally be done soon. This is day two of building up the latex mold and I hates it, precious. It stinks to high heaven. The stuff is only marginally thicker than the liquid latex I've used on my skin, smo I probably didn't have to pay 20 bucks for a tub of mold-making lated. I probably could have just used my costume stuff. XP

I'm sleepy and I just want to pay off Tom Nook so I get a bigger house in Animal Crossing DS. D: But I still owe him like 275k bells. Tom Nook can go to hell and choke on a dick!


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