HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

I feel light headed...

I think I've been inhaling too many chemical fumes! D:
I bought this "liquid gold leaf" paint stuff for my crown. I was very unimpressed with it, though. I mean, it ended up only looking MARGINALLY better than the kryolan gold metallic spray paint I've used for years. So, I also bought a fresh can of spraypaint. I won't be using the paint on this costume, I don't think... since I've already used the liquid gold leaf on a lot of stuff. But now you know! 4.99 for a small paint pot, or 4.99 for an aerosol can that will cover MUCH more.... Plus, the liquid gold leaf REALLY hates aerosol paint sealers for some reason. I figured since I needed to seal it, I could just use some spray-on sealant, but it caused all the liquid leaf to drip off. Kyrolan takes spray sealants >:O
Oh, and the liquid gold leaf I bought had a carcinogen in it identified by the state of California to cause cancer. And when it dripped off the hat, I got it all over my hands. YAY! XD
SRSLY liquid leaf guys, get your shit together!

Anyway.. I finished sewing the yellow scarf arm tie things. I need to wait until I do the black& white designs on the waist cincher before I can put the closures on it.
I also need to wash all that dupioni silk and pre-treat it before I can work on the pattern for the under dress. So, I've been feeling all craftsy. Especially after my AMAZING VISOR DISCOVERY! The front bit of my crown is now almost done! :D I hope to post photos soon, because it's looking pretty nice. I also have a great idea for how to make it look like it's floating instead of stuck to my forehead.

I got my wig in today, too. It's a lot thinner than I was expecting. Especially after my last wig (cornelia) seemed so nice.. (until I tried to style it, and it wouldn't take heat to save it's life SRSLYWTF). It's definitely a good thing I got those 4 bags of extensions. They arn't a PERFECT color match, but they're very very close, so I'm happy with it. Ultimately, the peices that the extensions will be used for are not things that would draw attention to and detract from the coloring of the base wig, anyway.

I think what I'll end up doing is packing the whole costume and all the fabric up when I go visit Tania, and that way, whatever I'm inspired to work on, I'll have the stuff for. I also bought a lot of heat n' bond XD If only I'd known about that stuff when I made Nick's Sayoran costume. It was such a nice costume, but it had problems that heat'n'bond would have solved T..T

PS: I could always go to ebay and just buy the costume from singapore. LAWL
cop out?

Edit: PICTURES!!!!
3 new photos up here. One of the brooch-thing that sits on top of the waist cincher, and two of the crown
They're turning out pretty nicely!

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