HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face


I see your bid of one styled wig and raise you one half-finished waist cincher!

(Really, though, it took me a long time to just to get to that point T..T It's got like 3 layers and 10 panels and I only had enough boning to do like 4 channels, but that's better than nothing XD I need to finish the top and put all the designs on it before I can put a closure on it. At first, I was thinking zipper, but now I'm thinking hook& eye. But it's going to look good, for cereals!)

Today I got a bag of hair in! LAWL!
No sign of my wig yet, but Dr. Locks was way faster than I was expecting. I'd heard so many horror stories about them over the years, I wasn't sure if i should even bother or not. But I'd also heard a lot of good things.. so WHATEVA WHATEVA, I buy hair when I want! D:
I have 4 bags of silverwhite hair now. This should be enough to do all the extra stuff on the wig and still make it look full, etc. Tania will have a field day when I take all this shit down to her XD


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