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Dreams from the night before last

I still remember these so I'm jotting them down. I'm not really that superstitious, but when they stick with me for a while, or they are really vivid, it makes sense for me to preserve them. I was kind of curious about what they meant, but I don't really like dream dictionaries. I never seem to dream about what they say the dreams mean. They just don't seem to fit, you know?

Like last night... I had a really long and involved dream, and I don't really remember most of it, but two things stood out.
The first thing I dreamed about was being in this warehouse filled with pottery and machinery and glass and other things that were to be shipped out. Everything had it's own packing styrofoam. In this dream, I could fly, but only while supporting myself on squares of this styrofoam. It's hold it under my arms, or hold it down, kind of like a fun noodle while you're swimming. XD But check it out... All these online sites talk about flying, having trouble flying, etcetc, and nothing ever comes remotely close to the way I dream about flying. It always seems very real, and I always feel very sure of my abilities to fly, but it's always limited in some way. I remember before I moved up to Waco, the flight mechanics in my dreams always worked a particular way. I could fly by supporting myself on air currents, but never over 4 feet high, so I was always drifting on the whim of currents that would sometimes dissipate, but never higher than my standing height. It felt real, and it seemed like the easiest thing in the world to lean forward into a gust of wind and pick my feet up. I haven't had many dreams of flying since I moved up to Waco, but a lot of the time, they have me supporting myself like I am swimming. I don't really move around that quickly, but I can "float" at about any height. I usually choose to float above my standing height, but not too high.
Last night, I had a dream I was in this warehouse, and I was teaching other people how to do it. There was one girl.. she was a model or somthing? I don't remember. I just remember that she was very attractive, and that she was going to float for some pictures for a job or somthing. It wasn't a big secret. In my dream, I felt like it was the easiest thing in the world, and couldn't figure out why other people didn't know how to do it. The problem was, when it came to finding the styrofoam for others, I couldn't find the right peices. I couldn't find chunks big enough, or peices with holes in the middle that would fit over her head. Eventually, I was able to find two smaller ones she could hug and float up. There was a big tower attached to the warehouse, and I was very afraid that if we floated off the edge, we'd fall. There seemed to be a pretty sensible limitation attached to it.

But see? It's not "freeeee! lalala I'm flying everywhere zoom zoom!" kind off flying that most dream dictionaries address.. and it's not "zomgz! I'm flying but I can barely stay up I'm going to fall!!!" either. NO IDEA

The second part was pretty short. Well, I'm sure there's more to it, but I don't remember much of it. I remember being at the old house in Alamo, in the computer room before the door to the living room was closed off. There were two white snakes loose in the house that I was supposed to be taking care of. One of them got away and slithered off through the living room. For some reason, I assumed it was going to my brother's room, but it didn't look like it was going that way at all. The other one, I caught. I remember holding it's head so that it would not bite me. I wasn't afraid of it. Somehow, though, it did bite me. It bit me three times quickly on my right hand. On the third bite, it dug it's fangs in, and I knew that I had been envenomated. I knew that the venom was dangerous, and I needed to find help, but I wasn't really afraid or worried about it. I didn't do anything about it, and the dream shifted to somthing else. It seemed very real, though. I can still remember the exact places of two of the bites. I'm a bit ambiguous on the placement of the third, though. If you hold your hand up, fingers spread.. like you're going to draw a turkey with it.. XD
The first was vertically on the meat of the back of the hand between the thumb and index finger. The second was in the middle of the back of the hand, at an angle, kind of following along the line where the tendon of the middle finger is. The last one.. was either farther to the right, or up on the middle finger. I don't remember.
Anyway.. it was so vivid, though. I remember holding the snake and the feel of it's scales and body in my hand. I remember feeling the sharp pain when it bit me, and I remember not being afraid.

I don't know what's up with that, though. All the dream dictionaries talk about how in dreams, it's common to be afraid of snakes, or get attacked by snakes, or have sex with snakes or all sorts of other weird things. This doesn't really seem to relate to anything else I was reading! :O Generally, I'm not really afraid of snakes anyway, but I know enough sense to be afraid of being close to a venomous one. I didn't feel mortal fear when I had a brush with that coral snake the other year, but it was running away and I didn't see it's head. Hell, even if I did get bit, I probably wouldn't be afraid until after.. then I'd get that sinking feeling in my stomach and think "OH CRAP"


Maybe I'm too laid back about life and death situations? You really wouldn't think it for as morbid as I get sometimes. I mean, this is coming from someone who used to have a (fearful) fixation on finger amputation via car door, etc.
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