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Grim Grimoire

I finished this silly game today. I liked it. The story at the end seemed super rushed, though, and that kind of makes me sad. The plot doesn't really seem like it has anything to do with what it says it's about on the box, which made it pretty exciting.
If you look for ANY reviews of this game on the internet, everyone will say the same thing. They'll say it's a huge pile of shit that no one should waste their time on. But... I had fun with it? D: I got an "E" rating on my save file, so you can tell I did really horribly. I played everything through on normal difficulty, but sometimes it was a little tough. I did about half of the bonus stages, too. Overall, I'd say it was easier than Warcraft in general, which is good, because this game doesn't have any cheat codes. (that I know of)
The graphics are nice, and the faeries sound super cute. I used them a lot and Matt would laugh at me every time he came in the room and heard them saying "Ok. Okay. I'm here!" over and over again. I honestly don't have much to say about this game XD
The controls seemed pretty good for a strat game on a console. I think it was fairly intuitive. When I moved the cursor or pressed a button, they all did about what I expected them to the first time, and everything else came really wuickly for me. My biggest gripe about the base gameplay is that I couldn't mix units. You'd have 8 unicorns, or 8 faeries, or 8 whatever, but never a mixed unit with a few of each different type. Granted, each fighter is stronger in a large group of it's own unit, but there were times I would have liked to move say.. a ghost detector type mob with a few ranged and a few melee.
I loved that the game autopaused whenever I chose an action, and immediately unpaused when I selected it, though. It let me go my own pace. I suck at RTS in general, so I think it made for a much more enjoyable gaming experience :O

Cosplay stuff:

I bought Asshat's base wig and 4 bags of extensions. Lawl! I ordered a #60 silver white wig from one website, and "SL Silver White" extensions from Dr. Locks. Hopefully they're the same color! HAHAHAH If not, I can try to even it out with sharpie, or order another color. I think it will be fine, though, honestly.

I wouldn't mind losing 5 lbs by Afest XP I feel like I've gained a ton of weight over the past few days. I'm sure it's just woman-bloating or somthing else like that, but I've eaten out like 3 times in the past week, which is way more than the usual for me. Too much food D: I need to cut it back if I don't want to pop out of this costume by the time I finish sewing it. Time to start saying no to eating out XP Unfortunately, it's one of the only social things most everyone can agree on, so whenever I hang out with someone, it seems like we're always doing it over food. blaaahh
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