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Sweety Pipin?

I won a few things on ebay a while back that make me happy. I'm probably done looking for plushes for a while b/c I just won a Heath (X-japan.. old rareshit) plush, a Guru Clef plush (Rayearth) and an Arashi plush (X-CLAMP anime/manga) That covers an awful lot of stuff I've been looking for.. Mainly that Clef plush & stuff from X (both band& anime) I'd rather have Yoshiki or Toshi, but I love heath anyway... somebody has to.. besides.. we bass players need to stick together.
I also have this strange obsession with Patapi (s) They're a tomogotchi/pokemon type weird thing/pet from Akihabara cyber team. I want one. So.. I've been collecting cels of them.. Odd things.. maybe that's what I ought to have kotobuki-san autograph at A-kon this summer.
I'm still kinda ticked about not winning the art contest for that baka con.. but I can see why they didn't pick my picture. It's crappy. Seriously.. it probably wouldn't have been any good for what they wanted to use it for anyway. Bah. ::sigh::
Nothing arrived in the mail today and it ticks me off. I have so much stuff coming in.. why couldn't at least 1 thing show up today? bah...
Also.. today's my last day off before going back to school and preparing for finals. That kinda sucks, too. Ah well... ::grumble::
962 hits... soon.. very soon...
(That is.. if you don't count the 100 hits I used to have on my old index when I forgot to bring the counter over.. oops...)


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