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So much food! D:

Yesterday, I had cake. Lots of cake. And lots of steak. I am also filled with potatoes, chocolate, and love XD

Matt made a cake for me early in the morning and let me open my present. Ever since Expo, my sleep schedule has been even more sporadic, so sometimes I wake up at 9AM and stay up.... other days I wake up at 9 AM, stay up until 11 and then nap until 1 or so. I've also been going to sleep anywhere between 12 midnight and 4AM. Go figure. Hopefully it will even out when Matt goes on vacation next week. Anyway.. I knew what my gift was going to be, but I was still really excited about it. Part of my present was the trip to Expo. The other part was a new Nintendo DS lite. My old one was having problems. A sticky D pad sometimes made it really hard to play GBA games, and compared to Celine's DS, the screen on mine really stunk. I told Matt that if he couldn't think of anything else and just HAD to get me somthing, he could get me a pink one XD So, that's what I got. They really are great systems. I'm a little sad, though, because mine has 1 dead pixel on the touch pad. I'm not sure if I should try taking it back and trading it in though. It's enough to bother me, but I don't know if I'll have any better luck with another one. I've heard people say that most hand held systems ship with dead pixels, and every PSP ever shipped has at least one. But to be completely honest, I've poured over the screen on our PsP, and never found one. I never noticed any dead pixels on my other DS, either. I could probably swap it out for another one siting a defective product at gamestop? I told Matt about it, but I was really afraid of sounding ungrateful for the gift when it really is awesome. I just don't know if I should settle with one dead pixel or try to trade it in and get one without one. This dead pixel is bright red so whenever the screens change or the game loads on a black screen, it's super noticeable.
Anyway, DS are still really awesome, so I'll have to think on it for another day or two.

My brother completely flaked out on my yesterday, and that really bummed me out. I'd been trying to talk him into visiting for like a month. We even offer to pay him to come do yardwork. I told him it really would be nice to see him on my birthday, though, and that I would appreciate it if he came for even one day. He kept saying " I don't know.. I don't know" like when we were supposed to go to the Dir en Grey concert, so I knew it wasn't going to happen. I really should be used to getting screwed over by him. His excuse was really interesting this time, though. He doesn't technically have a car right now. He depends on his girlfreind to get around everywhere, so he needs permission from her to do anything. This time, he told me they drove from San Marcos all the way to Austin and her car started making funny noises. He said it was idling "rough" and he didn't think they'd even make it home. But he used the same tone he always uses when he's lying to think of an excuse.. so whatever. I swear I'm really spending more time pissed off at him than anything else right now. Matt was saying I could give him my old DS, since it still works, but fuck him. Maybe I'll just trade it in for store credit or somthing. Fucking jerk.

So I was really pretty depressed about him flaking out on me for birthday dinner last night. And Matt was asleep. He didn't get asleep until pretty late, so I knew that unless some miracle happened, I'd just be reheating leftovers for birthday dinner. But a miracle did happen! :O malophyte called. I had invited her over the day before for cake, but she's always so busy. I never know if she's going to have time to stop by or not, but she said she had the whole evening. So, we went out for steak at the Roadhouse and I filled myself with beef, potatoes, and beer, and we came home and watched The Great Yokai War. XD It was great. While I used to think my general useless mythology knowledge was pretty good, I didn't know quite enough about all the random yokai to identify most of them, or even know the backstory of most of them aside from about a half-dozen that I recognized from films like Kaidan or even anime that delt with common ghost stories, like Haunted Junction and Gakkou Kaidan. I know about the Ippon Datara from shin megami tensei, but amazingly alot of the megaten mythological monsters I knew about, like the nue, didn't show up anywhere in The Great Yokai War (that I noticed). It's funny.. I bought Casshern at Expo and we watched it almost as soon as I got back. It was totally dissappointing for me if only because it was hyped so much when it first came out years and years ago. (I missed the cameos of the two Glay members, but I totally caught the background tracks from BLEACH used in the sound track. lawl)
But I bought The Great Yokai War at A-kon and only got around to watching it yesterday night XD hurrhurr

With that, I leave you a quality gem from the IMDB forums for Kaidan...

"Rolad: Was anyone else reminded of Pulp Fiction while watching this film?
creatorofk: Pulp Fiction? Kaidan reminded me more of Eddie Murphy Raw. "


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