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Hallo again world!

Matt is making me a cake today. I think we're going to try to hit my favorite steakhouse too. I really need to get my haircut again because it doesn't do what it used to anymore. I'm getting used to having shorter hair on *my* terms, and it's definitely cheaper to take care of. I do miss my long hair a little bit, but it feels nice having a few more styling options. Long hair is great if you want to do super crazy hair sculpture, but I can't do that do myself, and that weird crap takes hours anyway. There's also less to fit under a wig cap, which is a huge added bonus cosplay-wise.

Keep your eyes on the lab this month. (cosplaylab.com)
I turned in my spotlight interview a few days ago :D
I wish I had mentioned more people in it, in retrospect, but it's too late to add to it now :O

My laughing moon corset pattern is confusing me. I've made TWO things with it, too. Becca&I worked on my wedding corset together, and I also cut out my millenia waist cincher from that pattern. I haven't touched it since, but I decided to modify it for my Asshat costume. Unfortunately, I can't seem to remember what peices I need. I thought it was like 1-9, but it's like.. 1&2 are missing and have no description in the instructions other than going to the corset. 6&7 are one cup size, and 8&9 go to another cup size, but since it's going under the bust, I don't really think it matters.. so the question is.. can I remember how many panels I normally make this thing? blaaaahhh. I cut out a bunch, but I need to sew them together and see if they make sense. If they DO, then I need to cut out another set so I have 2 of the duck cloth. (typo=suck cloth= highly amusing) I'm still sad that I couldn't find any canvas for this, and I'm worried about it being too stiff. I am also worried about it not looking right when I cut the cotton out. I plan on doing the cotton in fewer panels so that there arn't seams everywhere on the outside. I'm also hiding the boning channels. I didnt' put boning in Millenia, though, so I might not need boning for this thing if the duck cloth does it's job. It's too bad I'm out of coutil. I'm not ordering more for this, though, because this costume is going to be expensive enough as it is. Especially after I order yet another wig XP

I saw this incredibly depressing thing on Discovery last night. They were going over one of those "What if" doomsday scenarios where another gigantic comet/asteriod/amazing space junk hits the planet. It was pretty horrible. The prospect of dying on impact is fine with me. Wiping out life on earth, blahblah we're all dead is also fine. The horrifying part for me is the fact that people would survive and live on. I can't really explain why that is so terrifying for me, really, though. They showed what might happen for X ammount of days after the thing hit, using scientific evidence and history of the big Yucatan crash that killed the dinosaurs. The massive EMP wave would really bother me, though. All electronics dead? Unbearable! Especially since they were talking about massive climate changes- rapid heating from the impact, and massive cooling from the dust cloud. With no electricity, there's no way to control temperature or cultivate plants. It sounds wholly unpleasant. I'd rather die on impact XP

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