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I've started uploading photos! :O

I uploaded a few choice photos from the three costumes I wore to my cosplay.com gallery. I still need to resize one of each for my cosplaylab.com profile. I am so happy that we got more shots of the hide costume for the website, since the ones from Animefest were pretty dark.
I'm also completely in love with my new camera. It's super tiny, but takes better photos than my old one. The old one is still really nice, but this one is far superior for conventions. Not only does it have cute little boxes that pop up in the viewfinder to help you center your photos, but it autofocuses on those boxes. The boxes are like face-seeking missiles. The camera is psychic, I think. It aquires a target and auto-focuses, so pretty much.. all you have to do is zoom in/out and center it. The pictures from my camera are amazing! :O just look at the new ones I posted. They look so much nicer than anything else I've taken on my old camera. I think it's also like a 3 megapixel upgrade. The old one was like 4, and I think this one can take 7.
Anyway... three new albums added here. I need to zip up and email all the ones I took of the red mage for the website, though. I didn't upload ALL the pictures I took of these costumes, because there are an amazing number of photos of me& celine making retarded faces. My next project is uploading all of those, and finding a place for all the pictures of us in street clothes hanging out.

I also took advantage of the megasale at Jo Ann's yesterday and bought some stuff for a new costume. celine has been riding my ass for months to make an Asshat costume.
(Norly, Arshtat Falenas from Suiko5) I am absolutely insane for taking this project on, but I was able to use a 40% off coupon on some nice fabric. It's probably the most money I've ever spent on a cut of fabric, but it's dupioni silk. It's really gorgeous fabric, and it's going to be the main white dress. After some research online, it looks like it'll be safe for me to machine wash it. If I wash the fabric before I cut it out, I should be able to launder it whenever I want after that. Most sites seem to agree that it's best to hand-wash, but I can't hand-wash 5 1/2 yards of fabric. Machine wash seems ok on a gentle cycle, so I'll do that. After I shrink it, I'll feel a lot better about it, since it's somthing I'll want to be able to put into the wash later.

Anyway.. I'm going to use up the last of that really nice light blue Egyptian cotton I bought for that Princess Mononoke costume on this one. I should have just enough to use it as fashion fabric on the outside of the waist cincher and for the shoulder doodad. Since it's all lined though, I'll just make the bases for everything first and that way, if I don't have enough, I can go out and buy somthing else. I don't think I'd be able to find the same color 5 years after I made the original Eboshi costume D:
I bought a few yards of duck cloth for the underside, since I really don't have any coutil leftover. The duck cloth is insane. I wanted to get some canvas, but I couldn't find any. It was really weird. Anyway, maybe the duck cloth will help me skimp on boning? XD I might have to do some research on waist cinchers before I make this thing, though. I don't think I can play boning channels by ear if I want it to sit right. I could make a few guesses, but I'd be sad if it turned out horribly.
For the red part, I bought some satin, but it's not super shiny. It's a much thicker, duller satin. It looked like it would take paint well, but it may not. In which case, I'll have to learn the magic of heat'n'bond? I didn't buy any white fabric for the designs, so if I end up having to heat'n'bond, I'll probably try to use silk remnants after I make the white part.. or I'll have to buy some new fabric.
I also bought some more of that gold-ish colored fake-silk that I used for the hood on Gogo. It'll be for the arm tie thingers. I have a few ideas for the hat, but no definite plans yet. That hat will be the tough part XP

I haven't been able to get a hold of Emily, so I don't know how much sewing I need to be doing for her. If nothing has sold since A-kon, I don't know if I should be spending all my time working on loli hats and cat ears. If some has sold, I'll need to work my ass off to get her enough to last through the rest of the year, though.


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