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Checking in from sunny CA

Hey, what's up? :O
I'm still out here at Expo, and celine and I are having lots of fun. It hasn't been completely and ultimately awesome, just for the fact that my feet look like two lumps of ground beef.. but it's been worth it.

I'm on a laptop right now, so this won't be too long. It's kind of hard to type on when you're used to a desktop keyboard. I'm not doing too bad, though :X

The S.K.I.N. concert was awesome. I have no idea what it stands for, but it doesn't really matter? XD The concert was a very moving experience for me. I am so glad I was given the opportunity to go. It was incredible to see those guys live. I can't lie and say I was particularly excited about Miyavi, but I don't really have anything against him. When I think back to the concert, though, my mind keeps going back to seeing the curtain fall down and seeing all those guys up so close... Gackt is an amazing vocalist, but I will admit that I literally shed a few tears when I saw Yoshiki at the drum set. I am so greatful that I was able to go, and so greatful to Yoshiki for playing for us. When all four members picked up their classical instruments, and Sugizo started playing the violin.... It was so hard to beleive that I was actually there watching and listening. It was so amazing that I was there.

That being said, I really was surprised that they didn't play any of the member's old material. I was not expecting ANYTHING from any of the member's previous bands, but I thought perhaps they'd do an intro peice and each one would play somthing from a solo project or somthing.. but they didn't even do that. It was all (as far as I could tell) new material. Some of it was amazingly good. I will admit, though that there were one or two songs that seemed dissappointingly forgettable. Overall, the group had a much harder rock sound than I was expecting. I think that it was a much more "metal" sound than any other single band the members were in.. which I thought was kind of weird. It really does seem that a lot of music now is evolving to have a much heavier sound. Or maybe I'm just getting old? It wasn't bad by any means, but I really did enjoy the songs that carried more melody.
The guy right in front of me caught one of Yoshiki's drumsticks. Man.. D: What I wouldn't give to have been the one to have caught that! D: One of the girl's freinds two seats down from me also caught one of Gackt's water bottles. We were super close to the stage, too, but we really were in the sweet spot for thrown objects. Sugizo trashed his guitar and threw the neck out into the audience. It was pretty big and dangerous looking, but I saw some people wrestling over it so I guess no one was hurt? XD

I saw Mr. Lilliard from Fansview while I was wearing Cornelia on Friday. I imagine I'm up there somewhere. I also caught up with Lionel from Usagichan yesterday while I was wearing hide. We've taken quite a few photos of the costumes I did wear (Cornelia, my concert outfit, hide) but I still have 3 costumes left and not enough time to wear them all. I'll be wearing the red mage Refia for certain (probably tomorrow) since Celine& I have matching costumes together for that.. I don't know that I'll get around to Mayuri or Yu~ki, though. unfortunately.

More to come about our travel problems, liquids and latexes exploding in luggage, and what I did with my WoW freinds in some other entry ;O


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