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Not much going on.. I just wanted the world to know one thing:

Ronfar (Whose real name shall remain my private secret.. yeah... :P) ANYWAYS~~

RONFAR IS SUCH A SWEETHEART! Girls, eat your hearts out. He made ME >..< ME! A present for my website! Yay!
I can't show it to you yet, though:P But I promise it'll be on the front of my main page when I get 1,000 hits!

And now that I've made my anouncement and only purpose for posting, I'll list some mundane stuff I did sice I posed last.
My parents visited and wore me out. they wanted to do so much stuff.. >..< Also, Since the dorms are closed, my room-mate and I are staying at Matt's place. It's been a fun drunken karaoke party the whole time. ^..^ Also, I got those tiny little foxes from LJ for my emoticons. They're damn cute.. and not really as expressive as the ones I was using before.. which is a shame.. but they were too cute to pass up. I also braided my whole head yesterday and took it out today to make everything frizzy. Damn funny.

Thanks Ronfy! you know I love you, baby ;}


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