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Sewing dilemma

I'm behind on my schedule! I was supposed to finish my skirt tonight, but I didn't. It's almost done. The bottom is hemmed? XD I've put the two main layers together, and now I have to make some decisions before I put the waistband in. I also don't think I'm going to have time to make a tie, so I decided to do some stencil painting on the shirt. I had the idea previously but didn't really develop it. I made the stencil myself, and sponged the paint on so I could blend it and make it look spray-painted. Anyway, I think it turned out really cool.
I'm posting photos for advice from you sewing types. I'm not really sure what direction I should go in next. I have so many different ideas that I can't decide on any one thing.

I really love the way this faux snakeskin looks pleated. One idea was to make a ruffle for the bottom side and put a train on the skirt to give it an illusion of being similar to an Elizebethan riding habit. The problem with this being that normally the ruffles are on the jacket itself. Here, I'm re-using this tux-tailed vest. So the tux tails are sitting over the ruffle. With a petticoat underneath (not shown in my photos because I haven't dug it out of the closet yet) everything will have a lot of body, but I'm still not sure how visible the snakeskin peice will be. My tail material pictured is not cut yet, so it's not going to be anywhere near that long. I've been sitting on that material for literally years. I thought it looked really cool, and bought it for the overskirt part of my Yu~ki costume, but found somthing a little more accurate later and didn't end up using this stuff.

Another thought is putting it in the front to flatten the front a little bit and give a focal point in the skirt. No long bits in the back. I also like the way this looks, so I really can't decide.

Either way, I have more of the white stuff, and I also dyed some of it red. I'll be cutting long dangly bits out of both of these and attaching them to the skirt in various places (and maybe the hat) when I finish it. But I need to figure out what I'm doing with the snakeskin so I can put the waistband in and finish things.

Thoughts? I'd like to finish this by tomorrow night.
Photos, as usual, are @cosplay.com here


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