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Zomgz tired D:

The concert yesterday was awesome. Debbie Harry sounded great. She's still got it. Unfortunately, her set was kind of boring :( I can't put my finger on it, because her voice still sounds awesome. Erasure was just fantastic. I was actually really surprised they didn't play more from the new album, but it was very nice to hear so much of their earlier stuff. I think they were focusing more on the uptempo hits, and ended the set with O'Lamour. It was totally worth it to see them. I also picked up a tour shirt. XD We ended up leaving early in the Cyndi Lauper set because we didn't want to get stuck in retarded traffic on the way out. She still has a set of lungs on her, too! :O She sounded great, but we didn't stick around for more than 2 songs. There's a possibility that somthing cool could have happened at the very end and we missed it. I was secretly hoping Debbie Harry would sing together with Erasure since they covered Rapture on the Cowboy album :X But I feel like I got my money's worth, so I'm happy.

My skirt is about half done. I need to try and finish it tonight. It is theoretically possible that if I have enough fabric, I can finish that cape in 3 days. Whether it is actually going to happen or not.. I can't tell. I need to pack costumes tonight at any rate. That's somthing I can do now to save me stress on Weds. I have a lot of costume peices to find, so if I don't make my checklists and start early, I could be screwed when I get up there. XD

I'm stilly pretty tired from yesterday. Yesterday was pretty busy. I did somthing fun with my hair, but I had put so much gunk in it that it was doing it's own weird thing after I took my hair down at night. I was way too tired to shower, so I went to bed all dirty and ick. I slept really well until my own hairfilth was starting to get to me, so I had to wake up and shower XD By then, it was too late to get back to sleep. I think after Matt goes to sleep tonight, I'll try to finish some sewing projects.. Later tonight, I will sleep like a log :O

Then, I'll spend the rest of the week freaking out about Expo D:


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