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True colors tonight!

It's after midnight, so technically, it's today! D:
I'm really excited :D
Going to this though, means that the very next exciting thing I will be doing is Expo. And that is kind of scary.
Barring Sat.. I have Sun, Mon, Tues, and the first part of Weds to sew. I started a skirt to wear to the SKIN concert. I have a lot of good ideas going on, and I can't decide which to use :( I don't want to try and make everything work together if some would be better off on different outfits, though. KT and I were talking back& forth in a previous entry about a kind of EGL/elizebethan riding habit type outfit in the vein of h.Naoto, and I like that. I also thought about doing a really cool train out of this white webby netting stuff. It wouldn't take any hemming, so it would be awesome :X I don't want a long train at a concert, though. But I think I could get around it by putting a string on the back and attaching it to my wrist? Or just pinning it up. It would look cool at least? XD I really don't think my end result skirt is going to look anything like the original skirts I was looking at.. but I hope I can come up with something ultimately cool looking that will tie a bunch of random found items together as one outfit. I'm convinced that the right skirt can make it look right.

That being said, I have black fabric with silver pinstripes, black fabric that looks like leather, grey snakeskin, white webby netting, and red webby netting. I also have paint :O I will think of somthing D:

If I get everything together by Sun, and have the skirt finished then... That leaves Mon/Tues/Weds to draft a pattern& sew the Cornelia cape. I don't do well under pressure, and I'm not sure I can do it. I have all the fabric and the front of the jacketmonster taught me what I needed to learn to make the cape. I just don't know if I'll have enough time for it.

Also.. the luggage.com website I ordered that awesome suitcase from was out of stock :( They only decided to tell me this the day before yesterday... I told them that if they could guarantee that it would be here by Weds, I would gladly change my order to a color of that specific model in stock. But they couldn't promise that, so I cancelled my order with them. In a roundabout way, it ended up working out, though. My mother-in-law bought me a suitcase the same size as the one I was looking at before as an early birthday gift. She was able to use a work dicound to get it cheaper than I would have been able to get online, and now I don't have to worry if a suitcase is going to be here in time or not.

Travelling things I need to do: Print out airplane ticket stuff, SKIN ticket stuff, Expo badge stuff

Stuff I can do early: Pack any old costumes I'm bringing

Stuff I need to do now before I need to do stuff early: Laundry D:

Gah, I'm getting nervous XD
BTW: KT~~~ I'm going to Mr. Max's tomorrow! Neener neener neener!
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