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I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!

The main Cornelia costume is finished! I have a little tweaking to do, but I could otherwise wear the whole thing right now! Photos up at my cosplay.com in progress gallery here
I tell you.. those foam heads look so freaky on the dressforms like that. But since the chin is no where near the collar line, you can pretend the curl in the hair is down where it belongs. This wig is giving me so much trouble. It's not obeying anything except blasts of Got2B... but I think it's wearable? -..-
Concert Saturday!
Still so much sewing to do before Weds! D:

I need to make a skirt to wear to the SKIN concert, and check my other costumes for repairs. I know Mayuri is hurting bad for them, but I don't know if I'll have enough time. I also want to make the Cornelia cape. While my buttflaps are fabulous, I wouldn't mind covering them up with a cape. Hurrhurrhurrr
I've been wearing my Cornelia shoes around the house, and I can already tell I won't be having the same toe problems I did with the red mage costume. I'll need to wear some tape on my heels, though, to prevent blisters. I haven't been able to break the shoes in fully yet, but a little is better than nothing.

Still, even with so much to do, it's a great relief to get this much done.

I also bought a permenant account on ELJAY today. I figure.. I missed early adopter by a few weeks.. wtf mate? Anyway.. I've been using this service almost since they started. I have a ridiculously low user number XD And I've never once monetarily supported the site. Now I can support the site, and permenantly get all sorts of exciting features D: But mainly an opportunity to make more retarded LJ icons of me making retarded faces while cosplaying.

(BTW~~ I did manage to pick up one of those Holland special editions of the new Erasure CD with the extra tracks& all. I like Nightbird better, but this is still a solid album)

Edit: Whoops! I was going to embed this and force people to look at it. Lawl

Not that I don't think you guys arn't looking. I know you are. But I'm so happy it's done XD


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